How Psychics Go Shopping

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Readers often ask what it’s like to do direct magick. Last time, I told you about how learning new techniques is like learning a new keyboard layout. Today, I want to share some manifesting and psychic intuitions I used to guide me through a shopping trip.

Yes, a shopping trip. Because magick isn’t just for big, spiritual, important things. The best way to learn magick is to use it every day, which means using it for everyday things like shopping trips.

Realize that I have roughly zero fashion sense. I like clothes that are comfortable, and I want to look good, but I am simply unable to drill down into precisely what “look good” means. I didn’t even realize that I should buy new jeans after losing 2″ on my waist until Lisa told me. She also offered to help me pick out some new ones. (Thanks!)

We went to a nearby store with Levis, picked out something like what I own now in a smaller size, tried it on. Simple, done. Except that Lisa made a suggestion: “Do you want something trendier, like acid washed?”

Me: What? There’s more to jeans than size? No one prepared me for this.

I stepped into the dressing room so I wouldn’t look odd staring off into the distance, then contacted the ethereal software I use for manifesting and psychic intuitions. “Should I get basic jeans like the ones I own now, just in a smaller size, or should I get trendier jeans, and why?” A few seconds later, I got the reply: “Get trendier jeans because they will become your default to wear every day.”

We left to go to Macy’s. On the train, I talked with Lisa about the color to get, and also asked the manifesting software. Answer: Blue, because it’s a better default, and because I already have black slacks when I need them.

I told Lisa. I was proud that I was doing manifesting quickly on the train.

She sniggered. Apparently, when I had first brought up color, she had asked for a psychic intuition, and gotten back the same answer, a full minute before me. It’s a nice confirmation, at least.

(Lisa has been doing psychic intuitions for years, and has the software fully integrated into her mind, so she can communicate with it while listening to a conversation. I really had no chance in that race.)

At Macy’s, I asked the manifesting software to connect to my mind and guide me through finding a pair of jeans I’d be happy with, using level 2 communication (which I can do while distracted) and good / bad feelings to guide me. A few of the intuitions:

  • While trying on 5 pairs in the dressing room: Go with this brand, but not any of the jeans you’re currently trying on.
  • When the salesman offered to show me some other jeans in that brand: A strong “Yes” feeling, not of those specific jeans, but of this sequence of events.
  • While walking over to those jeans, we passed a 50% off rack, with a style we liked from that brand. When I tried them on, I got an instruction to buy them.

In all, I got a nice pair of designer jeans for $58, and I’m happy. And tired, because all of that manifesting was a workout. Which is part of why I did it.

(Lisa later told me that she shut down her psychic intuitions for this shopping trip, so I would get all the practice. Which is sweet, as long as I ignore the part where she could have done all of this more quickly and easily, yet again.)

I’m calling this a personal story, rather than a case study, because nothing in here would be difficult to do without magick. Someone with better fashion sense could have simply picked out these jeans. And I certainly could have leaned more on Lisa to make these decisions. But in the end, the magick was good practice, and it produced a good outcome. And hopefully you enjoyed seeing what a shopping trip is like when you add a ton of manifesting.

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2 Responses to “How Psychics Go Shopping”

  1. Yvonne says:

    I enjoy these everyday stories, sort of like a window into the middle class dude’s guide to using magick for fun and profit, something like that. I think you could get a whole book out of these episodes, e.g. going apartment hunting, buying stuff, hanging out at parties, etc. One of the best “everyday” stories I ever read was from Jason Miller when he got stopped for speeding or something, how he got out of getting a ticket using magick of thought. Ordinary people, those who will buy your book, want to know about magick in action, but also like reading about ordinary people like themselves. It is a walk along the seams to write for this crowd if you ask me. I am also glad that you found your pants.

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