The 3 Questions Behind Direct Magick

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The key to learning good magick isn’t having the right rituals, or initiation into the right circles, or having the right ethereal software or awakening the right mental muscles or…

The key to learning good magick is asking good questions. Why do so many thoroughly different styles of magick produce such similar results? Just noticing that suggests there’s some common, unspoken mechanism shared among all of them.

What makes all the complex decisions of magick? I mean, to do manifesting, something needs to know which events to favor, and how to affect thoughts or atoms or some combination to make those events more likely. And noticing that means that whatever drives magick needs to be complex, and probably intelligent.

And then the big one: What are all the steps taken by that complex, intelligent force to make the magick work? And the follow-up: How can I modify those steps to produce new, better results?

These are the questions underlying all my models, and all my magick.

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