Learning Direct Magick: 10 Minutes, Every Day

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

The recipe for success in magick is the same as with anything else: Practice every day.

To start, aim for 10 minutes a day and an hour on the weekend. That’s what I did for years, and it’s still what I do when my job gets hectic. But do it every day — like physical exercise or learning a foreign language, daily effort beats a weekly binge.

(And just like exercise, it’s OK to skip a day occasionally. Six days a week still counts.)

At that rate, you’ll complete the skills in this book in around 3-6* months. That’s manifesting, energy healing, awakening your first few ethereal muscles, and a few others. At that point, your 10 minutes a day will become useful: Energy healing for yourself when you’re in pain or feeling sick, making yourself lucky, and so on. Practice will become something you enjoy.

*If you already practice magick, you’ll probably complete this book in around one     month.

Keep practicing daily, and in roughly another year you’ll learn more advanced versions of those techniques: Faster energy healing results, more precise manifesting, always-on psychic intuitions, and a few more. You’ll move from serious beginner to intermediate magick. (That’s Book 2 in this Initiation.)

Keep exploring new aspects of magick for another few years, and you’ll start to develop your own techniques to solve previously-unsolvable problems. That’s the true essence of direct magick, and we’ll explore it in Book 3 of this Initiation.

And if you already practice another style of magick, or intend to, don’t worry: Direct magick plays nicely with other styles. You’ll be able to practice both side by side, and some of the direct magick techniques can help you get better results with your other style. We’ll cover that later in this book, too.

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