Merry Christmas

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For those of you that celebrate, I hope you’re enjoying the time with your families. For those that don’t, I hope you’re enjoying the time off from work. I’m taking the day off, but if you’re yearning for some magick to read, here are two of my favorite recent posts:

Ananael explains transpersonal realization and ego transcendence. I’m not well-versed in these ideas, and I felt like it this the first time I understood them. (The meat of the article is a page or two down, starting with “As psychoanalysis is so embedded in our culture.”)

And Gordon discusses certainty and ambiguity, and as usual, shares a fun story. I feel like I have some commentary to give about it, but I just don’t know what it is yet. I’m sure you know that feeling, too, if you read Rune Soup often.

Happy holidays, all. I’ll return Wednesday with new content.

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