What is Direct Magick?

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

Direct magick is about consciously building new magick techniques. It has three core steps:

  • Understand the mechanism that creates the change in the external world — the steps that happen after the ritual.
  • Trigger that mechanism directly, without rituals or symbols.
  • Take that mechanism apart, then use those parts to build new techniques.

Direct magick comes from my need to understand how magick works, and my belief that magick can do vastly more than we can do today, but only if we build those capabilities ourselves. I want to build magick into a modern science, and I hope you’ll join me.

In this book, we’ll focus on awakening the parts of your mind that drive magick (your “ethereal muscles”), connecting you to an external force you can channel for help with magick (some “ethereal software”), and learning to use that force for a few easy, useful techniques.

Next book, we’ll dive into the mechanism, and taking apart some of the techniques you’re learning in this book, and showing you how to customize them to a particular situation to get better results. And in the third book, we’ll take some of the techniques apart, show you how they’re built, and show you how to rebuild those parts into new, useful techniques.

You can use direct magick with a style you already know, or use direct magick as your only style. You can learn just the easy techniques, use them for as long as you like, and decide later on learning how they work and how to customize them. And if you want, you can apply this to other magick you know, taking it apart to customize it or rebuild it into something new, too.

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