Why Not Just Heal Yourself?

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Yvonne asks:

Is this [healing technique] most effective if the individual uses her own energy, or does one have to come to the magician-healer? Doesn’t the personal signature best support one’s own healing?

The Short Answer

Energy healing is complex. It requires an expert. You need a healer, and that healer should work in the client’s signature.

The Long Answer

But… why? I mean, Yvonne’s point is correct: Your energy should align to your body better than to another person’s energy will. So why not heal yourself?

(This is about to get a bit advanced. You’ve been warned.)

There are really two* signatures involved in energy healing: The underlying signature, and the top-level signature.

The underlying signature determines which person that energy affects. You match it to the client’s underlying signature. Do this wrong and the healing energy won’t affect the client properly. But when you heal yourself, you’re already in the right underlying signature, so you don’t need to think about it.

The top-level signature determines what the healing energy does: Which tissue is affected in what ways. So, working with a burn vs inflammation vs an itch, you’ll have a different top-level signature.

*It’s actually more complex than this, with multiple scales of signatures involved. But I have to make some simplifications, or this post will become unreadably long.

When I first started energy healing, in 2006, working in another person’s underlying signature was hard. It took a few months before I could do it comfortably, and I’d spend afternoons just making connections to friends, matching their signature, then resting and doing it again.

But matching an underlying signature is easy now. In fact, it’s much simpler than the technique I use to shift a structure’s signature. I don’t even think about it anymore — my mental muscles just do it automatically.

It’s the other part of energy healing that’s hard: Figuring out which tissues should you affect, which cellular processes should you aim to increase or decrease, and what top-level signature will cause those changes. This is the intersection of medicine and magick, and it’s where I spend most of my time these days when I do healing work.

So, the full answer to Yvonne’s question is: The hard part of energy healing is figuring out the top-level signature, which requires an expert healer. Yes, working on yourself is slightly easier, because you don’t have to adjust for another person’s underlying signature. But adjusting for that signature is actually pretty easy, compared with all the other steps of the healing.

Note: This post assumes you’re handling the healing technique yourself. If you instead use ethereal software (whether it’s Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, or the healing system I’ll show you in my book), the software will handle both the top-level and underlying signatures, and you don’t have to worry about any of this. In that case, you’ll get the same results whether you heal yourself or another person, so I’d still recommend an expert healer who will be better at commanding the ethereal software.

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2 Responses to “Why Not Just Heal Yourself?”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Just saw this. Thanks. In this I am glad that you underscore the qualifications of expertise, of mastery. Here is where I return to my stubborn and dogmatic insistence on the need for specialization, assuming that all magickal work [should be? could be?] is creating healing.

    • I think magick is bigger than healing. I approach magick as a large branch of science, more like biology than medicine. If you apply biology to healing, you get medicine. If you apply biology to agriculture, you get things like dwarf wheat that prevented mass starvation in Asia last century. If you apply biology to computation, you get DNA storage.

      Before you can develop medicine, you need to develop biology. And in order to develop biology, you need physics and engineering to make microscopes, chemistry to stain slides, and a bunch of other disciplines.

      I guess what I’m saying is, all these fields are related. Sensory connections are vital to my healing, but I developed them to defend against aggressive spirits, not for healing. Collaborating with spirits is also vital to my healing, but I couldn’t do that if I didn’t learn communication — and I set out to learn communication so I could do manifesting, not so I could collaborate on healing. And I wouldn’t get anywhere without techniques to awaken my mental muscles, which I developed simply so I could get better at magick in general.

      Developing magick is about exploring. Time and again, I’ve taken a technique developed for fighting or communication or enlightenment, and applied it to healing or awakening mental muscles or designing ethereal software. All the applications are inter-related. The best way (only way?) to explore is to learn everything and see what connections come up.

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