3 Techniques for Erotic Energy

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This past week, I’ve tested 3 techniques for erotic energy* with 5 friends. I’m going to review each technique in this post, then discuss the results next post. Then I’ll wrap up with a discussion of my future work.

*As Ananael points out, when most writers say “sex magick,” they mean “magick driven by sex.” So I’ll use “erotic energy” for “energy that produces pleasure.”

The Techniques

Mirror and Send

This is the technique I talked about last week, where I could feel the euphoria of the energy at a dance by mirroring its signature. The “send” part is where you send the energy you made into your partner.

One item to clarify: This doesn’t actually build energy in the signature of the other person / of the room. Instead, it changes the activation of the magickal structures already in my mind and body. (If that didn’t make sense to you, review this post.) This will become important later.

Drop Shielding

This is the simplest technique: You stop shielding yourself, and allow your energy to mix with the other person’s. Most people aren’t shielded in the first place, so this would be the default technique for most people.

(Yes, there’s more to it: You want to build and control your own energy, know where you send it in their body, and so on. But I’m not conscious of those things. For me, it’s really just a matter of dropping my shields and letting the rest happen.)

Note: You don’t actually have to drop all your shielding. When I shield, I set up one shield for connections to my physical body, another for my mind, another for connections to ethereal software, and a few others. When friends experienced with erotic energy would show me the energy they wanted to send, it was all to my physical body, so I’ve only been dropping that shield.

Connect to Nerve Activity Layer

This is my first draft of a direct magick technique, consciously stepping through the process of creating these sensations. Much like my healing techniques, I’ll connect to the person’s body and send specific signatures to specific tissues.

The first version of this technique should simply replicate what experienced practitioners already do. Then, once we know we have all the pieces working, we can change some steps to produce different sensations. But before we think about creating something new, we should make an explicit, consciously-controlled version of the existing technique.

By watching experienced practitioners, I can see that that their energy primarily interacts with nerves, and specifically, with the nerve’s activity, rather than the cell’s overall state. So, I know I want to connect to nerve activity structures. For my first draft, I’ll just send the signature in my own body — the same signature I’d send by dropping my shields.

(And for anyone wondering what happened to last year’s project on making magick that non-mages can feel: A future version of this technique would solve that problem, too.)

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