An Engineer Talks Sex Magick

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Sex Magick (n.): Magick used for sexual pleasure.

Last post, I talked about experiencing euphoria from mirroring the energy around you at a dance. Today, I want to talk about the same mirroring technique in the context of sex.

The basic technique is the same: Engage those same mental muscles (the ones for physical effects like¬†energy healing), mirror your partner’s energy, and optionally, send that energy back to them. The command I give those mental muscles is “Mirror and send,” while thinking about her energy. You’d do this while making out, or while doing other activities.

Do it right, and the energy can create a mental orgasm — the feeling of an orgasm, without ejaculation, and without the exhaustion afterwards that’s common for guys (at least, in my experience).

I’d experimented with this in the early 2000s, and triggered orgasms in several partners without any physical stimulation. A friend commented that it seemed like I’d derived some part of tantra. But then I changed how I worked with energy, focusing on affecting particular types of tissue rather than blanketing an entire area, and lost track of how to build the overwhelming amount of the right energy I was using to trigger orgasms.

But in the past couple of weeks, I’ve had dates with two women into tantra, and following their lead, I’ve found the technique again. Or, some of the technique. It still feels horribly unfinished — effective but inelegant, tossing energy around rather than applying just the right signature in just the right spot, and like there’s so much more I could do with it if just I understood it a bit better. Which, of course, I’m working on. But that’s for another post.

For now, I want to share a technique, and a caveat. First, the technique:

Simply telling your mental muscles to “Mirror and send” the person’s energy works well enough, but I got better results from more precise signatures. I’d mirror her head’s signature in my head, her groin’s signature in my groin, and the signature of the rest of her body (as a whole) in the rest of my body. Conceivably, you could do more signatures, but remembering back to my work from a decade ago, I focused the energy on the head and the groin, so it made sense to do it here, too. Doing all three signatures felt better to me, and she responded more, too. If you’re already distracted doing one signature, stick with that, but if you can easily do three, it’s worth it.

Note: Both in my old work and now, simply focusing energy on the groin is ineffective. I’m sure the women in the audience will tell me this is obvious, so let’s assume I’m only talking to the guys right now.

Now, the caveat: One partner loved this, and another partner found it wasn’t enough energy for her. With her, I had to drop shielding on my body and let her connect, which creates its own set of problems. I’ll talk about that next time, as I answer Yvonne’s questions about protection and keeping unwanted structures out.

(And one more caveat: I’ve only tested this with people who already use energy in an erotic context. I would expect it to require some modifications to work reliably with non-mages.)

For completeness, there’s another definition of sex magick: “Using sex to raise energy, then channeling that energy into magick,” or something similar. I’m ignoring that because, in my experience, raising lots of energy does not result in more effective magick.

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4 Responses to “An Engineer Talks Sex Magick”

  1. Ananael Qaa says:

    So you find that energy work does not enhance magical results? Do you see any difference at all in your two probability data sets between raising energy and not doing so with similar rites? I ask because the tests I’ve done seem to go against what you’re saying, though the degree of increased probability shift doesn’t always necessarily follow increased energy along a strictly linear progression.

    Also, just so you know, hardly anybody means your first definition when they use the term “sex magick.” In my experience they almost always mean the second (though sometimes it turns out that what they’re actually doing is more akin to the first). For that matter, even Margot Anand, a non-ceremonialist and major figure in the neo-tantra community, published a sex magick book in which she was clearly talking about transforming sexual energy into tangible results.

    • You know, I hadn’t tested this. It just didn’t seem likely, so I looked elsewhere. But when I tried, it turns out, more energy (of a certain type) helps manifesting. Mea culpa.


      (Though I don’t think the energy from sex would be particularly well-suited to this purpose.)

      With healing, which I’ve done longer than manifesting, I find that the most important thing is getting the right energy signature, then connecting that signature to the right spots. Then, yeah, I suppose having more energy will probably help some. But the energy has to be the right signature and in the right spot, and having other energy in the wrong signature can disrupt the healing.

      (That, I have experienced — a therapeutic touch practitioner’s healing disrupted my own, causing my pain to return, because her energy combined with mine to produce a poorly-aligned signature. More energy, but in a worse signature, produced a worse healing. I’d expect the same thing to happen with energy from an activity unrelated to healing injured tissue, such as sex.)

      And thanks for the heads up on definitions. Though I have to ask: If someone needs to have sex in order to do manifesting, doesn’t that put a lot of restrictions on when you can do it? What if you only have a minute? Or you’re at work? I mean, this seems like a pretty serious scheduling limitation.

  2. Yvonne says:

    I have to read this a couple of times, and the previous one, because I really want to use this technique. Soon. I have little interest in the magick part, but I am really interested in the tantric-spiritual aspect of this practice. Mike do you utilize the chakra system at all when directing the energy? Might that help with the visualizing/experiencing of the signatures? I guess that is the area that you identify with “groin” = second chakra? Might that work with the three signatures to identify them this way in different parts of the subtle body? Damn I want to study this! And for this work I won’t have to worry about shields and stuff, physical or invisible, yay!

    • Great to see you so excited! Yes, if you like chakras, you could use groin as either first or second chakra.

      Personally, I don’t use chakras. I went looking for them years ago, didn’t find anything interesting in the locations they’re supposed to be. So I never looked into it much.

      Last week, I checked again. I connected to my body’s energy at the points where chakras are supposed to be, and there is indeed some basis: At each of those spots, there are organs or other unique tissues, and those unique tissues do indeed have their own energy signatures. So, I could see how, if you paid a lot of attention to energy signatures, you’d realize there’s something unusual going on there, and perhaps develop the chakra model.

      But when I think chakras, I think of energy centers with some significance above and beyond “Your heart is here and it has a slightly different signature.” So I feel like calling it a chakra would also invoke a lot of associations I don’t intend, so I don’t use the term.

      But, if you already use chakras to identify the signature of energy in various parts of your body, then yes, you can think of this as 1st or 2nd chakra for the groin, and 6th or 7th chakra for the head.

      Does that help?

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