Safely Feeling Energetic Euphoria

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Have you ever felt euphoric from the energy in the room? Maybe at a dance or concert, with people into energy healing themselves? A wonderful high, that certainly could be explained psychologically, but you’re pretty sure is from magickal energy?

That’s not something I normally feel. See, I’m always shielded, at least a little. I like my mind sharp, and it’s hard to know if the buzz will be pleasantly euphoric, or trance-inducing. I just don’t like taking on energy when I’m not sure where it’s going.

But I wanted to feel the buzz at a dance recently. So I built a new technique — it’s simple, took half a minute to figure out, and only took a few tweaks to work really well, but a new technique none the less. And I want to share it with you.

First, engage the mental muscles you use for physical and mental effects. These are the mental muscles for energy healing, moving energy, and the like.

Tell those muscles to “mirror the energy around you.” This will cause them to produce some energy matching the energy in the room, mixing it with your own energy, while keeping you in control of the amount of that energy inside yourself. You’ll feel the buzz.

Tell those muscles to “stop mirroring,” and the buzz will fade almost completely in a few seconds, then dissipate over the next several minutes.

Tell them to “mirror a little,” and you’ll get a little buzz. You could probably specify “mirror a lot,” too, if you wanted more buzz.

(“Mirror 50%” does not work, though — it seems that, at least for me, “50%” doesn’t make sense to those mental muscles, or they think I want half the signature instead of half the quantity of energy. Whatever the reason, I tried it, and it didn’t work.)

If you’re dancing with a partner, you can “mirror and send,” which builds that energy and sends it to them. My partner reported it felt good, though I haven’t done extensive testing.

And “mirror and send” is also useful for sex magick, which I’ll write about next week.

Why does this work? Why don’t you need a room full of energy to feel euphoric? Well, the amount of energy doesn’t really matter. What matters is the signature of the energy in your body. (Signature = Type or feeling.) You feel the buzz when your body’s signature shifts in the right way.

The gotcha is, if you just absorb the energy around you, your body’s normal energy will dilute it, so it takes a lot of energy to shift your body’s signature. That’s why people like a room full of energy. But, if you engage your mental muscles and shift your own signature, it only takes as much energy as you produce normally all on your own. Which lets you feel the euphoria, while staying in control of the experience.

Comments: If you try this technique, let us know how it works for you.

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4 Responses to “Safely Feeling Energetic Euphoria”

  1. Yvonne says:

    I wonder where aurically the energy is held when one mirrors. Also I wonder if one is, lacking a shield, taking in other stuff besides the energy. I like the idea of “matching” the energy of others by will, but only if what one takes/matches in does not contain a lot of impure junk. Can’t see how it wouldn’t, however, and I’m not clear on how to keep the junk from entering your field.
    Does that make sense? I like this stuff! Bring on the tantra LOL

  2. KeeCoyote says:

    Match the energy of a room or place? Think about this, I think you just discovered a way disguising your signature. Or at least hiding it from people magicly or psychicly looking for it.

    • Very cool. I hadn’t thought of that. I hide myself by closing connections so I’m not giving off energy, but I could see this being useful in some situations, or for some mages. Thanks!

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