Testing 2 Techniques for Erotic Energy

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This past week, I’ve tested 3 techniques for erotic energy with 5 friends. Today, we’re discussing the results of two techniques. We’ll discuss the third on Monday, along with plans for future work.

We discussed the 3 Techniques for Erotic Energy on Wednesday. If you’re fuzzy on the details, you might want to review that before continuing.


I tested two methods with each person. (One method wasn’t effective enough to test with everyone, and one method I didn’t develop until halfway through.) I asked each person for feedback: How did each method feel? Was it pleasurable? How did it compare to the other method? Each test was separate — subjects did not observe other tests. I did not discuss the particular techniques or my expectations prior to testing.

Two trials were done with only hugging, two with kissing, and one with more sexual activities. Subjects were four women and one man in their 30s and 40s. All were experienced with energy work.

For anonymity, I’ll identify each subject by one letter.


Mirror and Send

This was the first technique I tested, and I already told you that N found it pleasurable. But when I did the same technique with E, she didn’t feel much of anything.

E actually brought up that lack of energy over dinner, asking me what was going on — apparently, she normally feels energy even from non-mages, but didn’t feel any from me. This is what got me to test dropping my shields, which worked well for E. (Details below.)

I went back and tested dropping my shields with N. She found drop shields much better than mirror and send, too.

So, I’m knocking mirror and send off my list for working with a partner. It’s simply ineffective if you are thoroughly shielded. It’s still excellent for safely experiencing euphoria and energy orgasms through shields, though.

Incidentally, I had no problem getting results once my shields were down. But if you find you’re not getting results, it could be that you’re making energy in the wrong signature. In that case, combining mirror and send with drop shields might work well. (Or, if you don’t normally shield yourself, then I guess you wouldn’t need to drop them.)

For info about the shielding, see this series. My shielding is a bit more thorough, but that’s the gist of it.

Drop Shielding

Dropping shielding has become my gold standard for erotic energy. I tested it with all 5 friends, and all reported it as pleasurable. All but one* reported it as their preferred method. And when making out with a partner while dropping my shields, she’ll experience orgasms from the energy. (I do too — if you’re curious (and I bet you are), it’s more in the head and body, less focused on the genitals, and does not cause ejaculation, but can be just as satisfying as sex. Which I think is one aspect of tantra, too.)

*M preferred the third method, connection to the nerve activity layer, saying that she was a bit overwhelmed by the energy when I dropped my shields. But I think that was because our relationship is strictly platonic, and that the overwhelming-ness would have been good in a romantic context.

So, 5 for 5 on pleasurable, and causes orgasms when making out. Why not just use this technique and be done with it? Two reasons:

First, I don’t see where to go with the technique. You drop shields, let your energy flow, maybe target particular parts of the body. But then what? You can’t program this into ethereal software, since it doesn’t have a body. You can’t easily target particular tissues, like nerves, which may be important for making this work with non-mages, or for generalizing the sensations into pain management and other fields. And you’re limited to energy signatures your body produces — maybe that’s not important, but I don’t know yet. The point is, I don’t just want a technique that works, I want a technique I understand and can build on, and this isn’t it.

Second, the “impure junk” Yvonne asked about. Each time I’ve dropped shields and connected to a person, I’ve gotten a headache the next day. When I look around my body, I’ll find small structures, left by the other person, and when I remove the structures, the headache goes away.

(By the 4th time, I figured out to find and remove the structures before I got the headache. Yes, it took four times — no one ever accused me of being a fast learner.)

A quick refresher: Energy is activated particles of magickal structure, and activation is like heat, carried by those particles. My friends didn’t intentionally leave those structures, it was just the natural consequence of absorbing their energy: Once the activation had left those particles, I was still left with the particles.

With mirror and send, you don’t get these structures because you’re not absorbing energy, you’re just activating the structures you already have in a different signature. That’s why you don’t wind up with these structures (the technical term for “impure junk”) in your body.

Now, most people (who don’t have shielding) pick up these structures all day and don’t think anything of it — I didn’t notice it for years, either, but I remember learning to shield and clean the structures out, and how much better I felt after, and how surprised I was that it made that much difference.

This problem alone wouldn’t kill the technique. It only takes a minute to remove those structures. But it’s another reason to find something better. And, combined with drop shields not seeming to lead anywhere, and the fact that I don’t like dropping my shields in general, this technique is great to get a feel for what erotic energy can do, but it’s not the technique I’m looking for.

Note: I also tested a thin shield that would stop structures but transmit activation. It didn’t transmit enough to be noticeable to the 2 friends I tested it with, so I stopped using it.

This post is already over 1,000 words, so I think I’ll pause here. Next post, I’ll discuss the results of the third technique, and my thoughts on future work.

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  1. Barracuda Surf says:

    Hello Mike

    This is very interesting.

    I was wondering what technique you use for shielding or if the software could be used for this purpose and if so what command should be called upon?

    • For info about the shielding, see https://magickofthought.com/2011/10/effective-magickal-shielding-part-1-of-4/ My shielding is a bit more thorough, but that’s the gist of it.

      Yes, this shielding could be programmed into ethereal software. I think there is some shielding in the book’s software, but I haven’t reviewed it yet. The command would be something like, “engage shielding” or “shield me,” something straight-forward like that.

      But at the end of the day, it’s best to learn it yourself, so you can use those techniques to build better, more advanced techniques later.

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