Testing the 3rd Technique for Erotic Energy

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This past week, I’ve tested 3 techniques for erotic energy with 5 friends. Today, we’re discussing the results of the 3rd technique, and my thoughts on future work.

We’ve already discussed the 3 Techniques for Erotic Energy and the results of two techniques. You might want to review those before continuing.

Results: Connecting to Nerve Activity Layer

This is the advanced technique that I’m developing. And I have good news and bad news.

Good: This technique produced clear and obvious sensations to all 3 test subjects, and seems flexible enough to produce a variety of sensations.

Bad: The sensations were often neutral, or generally less pleasant than simply dropping my shields.


I actually developed this technique as I tested it, resulting in three different versions. Let’s discuss each test.

With O, I simply made connections throughout her body. The connections were the same as I use for energy healing, and were not focused on any particular tissue. (I made a lot more connections than I use for energy healing, though.) After connecting, I activated the connections, to let them transfer that activation to O’s body.

Results: O found these connections pleasant, but preferred the drop shields technique.

With R, I specifically connected to the part of his energy corresponding to neural activity throughout the body. Again, I used normal connections like I do for energy healing, then activated them afterward.

Results: R said it felt odd. I asked him to explain, and he gently shook my body back and forth, and said it was jittery. I’ll call this mildly unpleasant.

I tried a second time with R, intending to make the connections and activate a different signature, which should produce a different sensation. It didn’t work: He felt jittery as soon as I made the connections, and it continued as I sent the activation.

There are two conclusions here:

  • I’m pleased that the sensations were so pronounced. Producing enough of a shift in neural activity is hard, so this seems to be a step in the right direction.
  • But I need to develop better control for the signature of the connections themselves, so that every step uses a signature that feels pleasant.

I focused on that signature with M, my third test subject. I had her send energy to me, then I copied that signature when making my connections. She liked it, said it was more pleasant than drop shields, but that drop shields was more pronounced. (She found drop shields a bit overwhelming.) So, I’ll call this a partial success: It was precise and pleasant, but wasn’t as pronounced as I’d like.

Future Work

Through these three tests, you can see me moving from a very general technique (with O), to a technique targeted at specific tissue (with R), up to a technique using a specific signature (with M). This is what it’s like to develop these techniques: Lots of little adjustments, lots of iterations, and a fair amount of trusting your plan even when the results get temporarily worse, like with R.

In the rest of this section, I’m going to give you a peek into how I think about developing techniques.

The key, I think, is knowing what signature to deliver, and then making connections that are already in that signature. That way, the connections feel good, and when you activate them, they deliver that signature to the person.

(Quantity might also be important: We might need a dense enough network of connections, each carrying more activation that I use now, to produce large sensations. But when I do energy healing, it’s all about getting the signature right, and I don’t worry about using lots of energy, so I expect that getting a clean signature will produce a more noticeable result here, as well.)

Knowing what signature to deliver should be fairly easy: I can get a person into the desired state, then copy the signature of their neural activity layer. Do this with a handful of people, and I’ll get a general idea of the right signature to produce the sensation. I’ll need to get better at reading and copying a signature, so I can do a whole body in a minute or less, but getting faster is usually just be a matter of practice, which is much easier than developing a new technique.

Second, I’ll need to get better at creating connections that have a particular signature, rather than the default signature I use for energy healing. I did that with M, but it took more focus than I’d like, to where I’m not confident I got her entire body. But this, too, should be a simple matter of practice.

So, those are my two skills to practice: Reading signatures, and creating connections in a signature. I’ll do that for a month, then return to this technique.

Questions? Ideas? Comments are open.

Update: I boiled this series down into a practical, beginner-friendly post.

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6 Responses to “Testing the 3rd Technique for Erotic Energy”

  1. Yvonne says:


    I am sorry, read these posts late, and I got lost. I don’t know if there was not enough practical detail, or too many cross references, or that they lacked a consistent outcome. (what worked that one can try at home? what should we avoid? what exactly happened with the failures and successes? Is it really “safe” to drop shielding when doing energy work outside of the aura?)

    Speaking of sex, you don’t really talk about orgasm that much: isn’t that the point of the thing? Is an energetic orgasm the same as tantra? And how is that different from the regular thing?
    For those of us who want to practice one needs to be more specific, with diagrams and details. (Well maybe not the diagrams) For me this is a magickal category that is analogous to healing practices and techniques. There’s not a lot out there that is very precise, so I appreciate your engineer’s methodology.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Yvonne. I’ll see what I can do.

      Part of it is, I’m no expert at this. I’m cobbling together some techniques that seem to work with the partners I’ve tested, but I can’t put forth a general technique yet. But what I can do is to put together a simple technique that ought to work in a lot of situations, and see how it works for you and for other readers.

      Yes, energetic orgasm is more or less Tantra. And yes, it’s much of the point, but I don’t just want to write a post saying, “I made out with this woman and felt energetic orgasms and it was great.” That’s, well, just not the blog I want to write, and not the blog I think you want to read, either. It’s also a bit private — keep in mind that we have 100+ regular readers, the vast majority quiet, but while I’m comfortable talking about magick techniques, talking explicitly about orgasms and sex is a bit outside my comfort zone. Though that is how you grow as a writer, so I can try it for one post.

      As far as safe: I can go quite deep on that topic, but the short answer is, Yes. The main concern here is picking up structures (impure gunk), not purposeful attacks, so clean yourself out afterward and you have nothing to worry about. As for purposeful attacks, most people are safe because no skilled spirits or mages are interested in bothering them, and doing erotic energy is unlikely to change that. The dangers here are headaches and fatigue, on the order of the common cold, not anything serious.

      The basic technique will be: Drop shields (only for connections to physical layer), mirror energy, send it to your partner. But I’ll see about a more thorough writeup coming up. Probably next week.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Thanks Mike. I will let you know about this. I am also really curious about the genderedness of these techniques. TTYS

  3. Yvonne says:

    Okay, I finally got to test this, and wow, I got the WORST headache that I ever had in my life. Had to stop, refocus, try again, and WHAT! This was an energetic headache, for lack of a better word, in the anja center, almost felt like a blood vessel about to burst. I can’t explain it. It could have been a blockage in the chakras, or it could have been an energy imbalance, or something else. In any event, I won’t be doing this soon unless I can refine the technique a little.

    • Hi Yvonne, I’m so sorry. It sounds like you’re all better now, so I’m glad you were able to fix it. (If not, let me know, the first technique in the grounding series would be a good approach.)

      It’s hard to figure out the problem, isn’t it? I need to get everyone the books. That will help you develop the building blocks that will let you debug these techniques.

      Thanks for trying the technique, and sharing the results.

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