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A few months ago, I wrote about developing psychic intuitions, and the debugging involved. Since then, I’ve been working on psychic and manifesting techniques as a back-burner project, using them when they’re useful, training in them occasionally. Today, I want to share my progress.

Quick Review

Here’s the quick rundown on this project. For more info, see the rest of the series.

Manifesting is when you explicitly ask for information about what to do, or ask for an event to happen. Psychic intuitions are when that information continuously flows to you throughout your day. They are quite similar, and I use the same ethereal software for both.

The normal way to do either is to have the ethereal software connect to your mind and read your thoughts. It takes 4-6 months for the software to properly integrate (based on work I did helping Lisa connect to new software), but once that’s done, the software handles the details, and the communication just works.

Except that I prefer to do things the hard way, handling the communication myself, instead of letting the software handle it. Learning to do that (1) lets me connect to new ethereal software without waiting 4-6 months for it to integrate, and (2) gives me techniques I can use as building blocks for better techniques in the future. So, I learned what my trainers call level 2 and level 3 communication (L2 and L3).

Progress Since Then


Using L3 communication, I’m quite pleased with the results from manifesting. I reliably get info about what to do and what to avoid, and even when the info surprises* me, it’s reliably correct. I’ll say that manifesting is mostly working.

Why “mostly”? Because as I’ve gotten used to getting accurate general info, I’ve started asking for precise info, like “Tell me what will happen at the party this evening,” rather than just, “Will I enjoy the party?”

The details aren’t always accurate. Now, if I were to simply guess at what would happen at a party, I’d be wrong more often than this manifesting is; I’m still getting some value out of it. But it’s not spot on like I’d hoped. It could be that I’m still using it wrong, but it could also be that I’m hitting a fundamental limit of how accurate manifesting is in predicting long-term details.

I want to discuss that a bit more, because I haven’t seen it brought up before. If you manifest for something general to happen — “Cause me to find a good job” — there are lots of ways that can happen. Whatever drives manifesting just has to succeed at one of those. If it tries and fails ten times, then succeeds on day 11, we only talk about the success. That’s part of why it’s wise to ask for general goals when manifesting: It lets the ethereal software find whatever path works.

Imagine the software knows there are 10 cool things that might happen at a party, each with 30% probability. If you ask, “Will I like the party,” it can reliably answer “Yes” — at least a few of those cool things will probably happen. But start asking which of those things will happen, and you suddenly notice the 70% error rate.

I’m starting to think that manifesting isn’t built to work with high-precision, long-term predictions. But I still have more to explore here, so expect another follow-up in a few months.

*Why do I talk about surprising-but-correct predictions? Because you know those are from the manifesting, not from my own guessing. And because situations where my own best guess would be wrong are the biggest payoff from manifesting.

Psychic for a Day

I’m also getting good results by asking the ethereal software to “Cause me to be successful in X,” where X is some meeting, activity or time period. (“Everything today” is a good one.) I get guidance throughout that period, along with what seems like a bit of luck. It’s quite useful, and corresponds well to what I’d expect from psychic intuitions.

But I haven’t been able to keep those intuitions going overnight. I think it’s because I stop listening when I sleep, and the software stops talking to me. So there are no more intuitions the next day.

Yes, I could just restart this the next day. And I do, sometimes. But a work-around like that tells me that I’m failing to understand something about how this all works, which means I should explore more until I find a cleaner solution. Expect another update about this in the coming months, too.

For anyone trying this at home, here’s the full command I use when I’m particularly paying attention: “Cause me to be successful in X by influencing my decisions, mildly influencing the decisions of those around me, and providing guidance using L2 communication.” I don’t always use the full command, though, and I seem to get good results without it.

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