Coming Up on MoT (Feb 2013)

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Have you ever had so many projects, it’s hard to keep track of everything? I’m starting to feel like that with this blog. So, this post is a quick update on what’s coming up, to help keep you oriented, and so I can organize my thoughts (and remember them).


The book continues. I have a decent draft of the introduction, with a few chapters waiting to post when I have a particularly busy week. It turns out, writing a book is hard — who knew? I don’t have a release date, but you’ll have chapters more or less as I write them.

Blog Update

You might notice the new title and tagline. What do you think? I did manifesting again to select them, going through a long list of potential phrases to see what it liked.

I’d done that last year, too, coming up with that overly-long tagline I had before: “Rebooting Magick: Consciously Designing Techniques for Unmistakeable Results.” Why the change? Why didn’t it guide me to the tagline I found this time? A few thoughts:

  • I was less good at communication then. I may have simply gotten some things wrong.
  • This time, I asked my trainers about manifesting for sentences, and apparently you have to explicitly ask for words, otherwise the software gives you concepts that will be useful, which isn’t at all the same thing. This is probably not true of other manifesting software, but it seems important for the one I use.
  • Also, the replies I get seem very dependent on the questions I ask. The software seems good at telling you when a sentence is good / bad, but it seems limited in its ability to guide me to new sentences. Maybe this has something to do with the computational complexity of manifesting?

Anyway, new title, new tagline, and I’ll also be updating the front page (the current one will still be available, if you liked it), along with cleaning up the widgets in my sidebars. Just a yearly house cleaning.

Upcoming Posts

I started two new series* this week, one practical, one theoretical. I’ll probably do one post for each series per week, along with a one-off for the third weekly post.

*Yes, “series” is pleural. Like “sheep.” Yes, it looks weird to me too, but “serieses” looks even worse.

Also, look for a more practical guide to erotic energy, since the one I posted previously was more about my testing than about techniques you can use.

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  1. mrblack says:

    i have an excel spreadsheet that keeps track of what projects i want to work on, lol. i have my “staple” projects and the other ones where i became inspired to work on it but down the road, not so much. :)

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