Erotic Energy: A User’s Guide

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I recently wrote about erotic energy — that’s energy for producing sexual pleasure. It was a theoretical, experiment-focused series, written for someone experienced in direct magick.

Yvonne asked for a more practical, beginner-friendly explanation:

I got lost. I don’t know if there was not enough practical detail, or too many cross references, or that they lacked a consistent outcome. (what worked that one can try at home? what should we avoid? what exactly happened with the failures and successes? Is it really “safe” to drop shielding when doing energy work outside of the aura?)

Let me see what I can do.

I’m New Too

I want to start with a disclaimer: I’m new to erotic energy. These techniques are based on about a month of experimenting. I expect I’ll be doing erotic energy differently a year from now.

That said, I hope you find this post interesting and useful, at least as a starting point for your own studies.

My Basic Technique

In my previous posts, I tested several variations of three main techniques. That’s how I work: Juggling several possibilities, refining as I go. There’s simply no way to know the answer before you start testing, so I wind up testing a little bit of a lot of things to see what works. But I can see where that would be hard for readers to apply to their own practice.

So, here’s my default technique, as of today:

  • If you shield, drop your shields. If you do advanced shielding that differentiates between shielding your body vs shielding your mind vs shielding from ethereal software, only stop shielding against connections to your body, and leave the other shields in place. (If you’re not sure, that means you probably do single-purpose shielding, so just drop the shields. Or if you don’t shield at all, skip this step, I guess.)
  • Engage your mental muscles for building and moving energy in your body, and ask them to “mirror” your partner’s energy, then “send” that energy back to them. Once it’s easy to do this as a whole for your body, think about doing it once for your head (mirroring their head’s energy), once for your groin (mirroring theirs) and once for the rest of your body. (If you like chakras, you could talk about your head chakra and your root chakra.)
  • (To learn to engage particular mental muscles, learn mental posture.)
  • Adjust signature. I didn’t talk about this before because I do it by default, but you want to mirror your partner’s current signatures, not just the signatures they were in when you started mirroring them. This is more about keeping those mental muscles engaged and paying attention than it is about issuing any specific command, at least for me.

Note: If you just want to enjoy the energy yourself, you can keep your shields up and simply mirror your partner’s energy. This seems useful in two situations:

You’re just learning this, and want a smaller technique to start with. Just mirror their energy, enjoy yourself, and try the whole technique later.

Your partner is also mirroring your energy in themselves, so you are both taking care of your own pleasure. Then there’s no need to send energy.

What You Should Expect

An energy orgasm — that is, an orgasm brought on by energy, rather than physical stimulation — feels slightly different than a normal orgasm. It has the same buildup, release, and bliss at the end, but it’s more in the head and body, and less in the genitals. For men, it doesn’t result in ejaculation, and it’s easy to have multiple energy orgasms.

Making out with energy orgasms can be as good or better than sex without energy orgasms. “As good as” referring to both the pleasure in the moment, and to feeling satisfied and satiated afterward. After several orgasms while fully dressed, one partner made the comment, “Now that’s safe sex!”

By the way, sex with energy orgasms is fun, too.

Currently, it seems I need energy plus some level of physical stimulation to produce an energy orgasm. Not genital stimulation, though that works, but kissing and caressing and so on.

(Eventually, I’d like to understand how energy produces sensations in the body well enough that I could create orgasms solely from energy. Not because that seems particularly useful, but because that level of understanding probably leads to other useful techniques. It’s a back-burner project for now, but as I get better with erotic energy, I’m keeping an eye out for techniques that might work.)


Yvonne asked if it’s safe to drop your shields. The short answer is, Yes, just remember to do some sort of cleansing afterward to remove the other person’s energy. (Grounding should work for these purposes, as will this shielding technique.)

The longer answer gets into a philosophy of safety, which I’ll leave for another post.

(Slightly longer reply here, 2nd to last paragraph.)

Testing with a Non-Mage

Since the last erotic energy post, I’ve had the chance to test this with Q, a non-mage who is interested in magick, but hasn’t yet started practicing. Results:

Unlike the energy workers, Q did not notice when I simply dropped my shields.

Q did notice (and enjoy) when I actively sent energy through my hands. She found it pleasant, but not overwhelming, meaning it’s unlikely to produce an orgasm even if we were making out.

Q also noticed an advanced technique where I built energy in her body, rather than in mine. The neat part about this technique is that you first build the energy behind a shield*, then release it; the person doesn’t feel much until you release the energy, at which point it becomes obvious. I didn’t tell her any of those details, of course, and I gave no indication of when I released the energy — I was still and silent, and standing behind her, so she couldn’t see my face — and she moaned a second after I released the energy. She had been slient until then. For me, this is a nice confirmation that she was actually feeling the energy, and not responding to placebo or suggestion.

*It’s not actually a shield, but that’s the closest I can get without writing a whole series about this technique. I’ll do that series if this technique turns out to be particularly effective for some useful problem, but I haven’t used it enough yet to know.

Based on these results, I’d say that the technique in this post — “Drop shields, mirror and send” — would be pleasant for a non-mage, but unlikely to produce energy orgasms. But that’s just a guess based on one data point. If you test it, please let us know.

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2 Responses to “Erotic Energy: A User’s Guide”

  1. T says:

    This was right on target. You’re doing it right. I rarely post in these blogs but I want to share my experience here as I’ve been doing this for about 6 months now with different people. FYI I’m a guy.

    Friends in particular seem baffled when I tell them I have regular spiritual sex with a lesbian friend of mine. When we do it it goes in a very similar fashion to what you’re saying. We orgasm multiple times and the sex itself lasts for some 3 or 4 hours–we always seem to lose track of time since it feels so damn good.

    Like you, I usually prefer to caress and kiss a bit and so on–but actually this isn’t necessary.

    After about 6 months my experience is that you can deepen this work to an infinite level, especially if you… err… practice :) with one person consistently. It seems to heighten physical sensitivity through some mysterious means. There was a point after 5 months or so where I would just touch her hands with a finger in a public cafe and she would start to want to go home right away… such was the level of sensitivity we had.

    And she is 100% lesbian. She feels no biological attraction towards males–but the power of this kind of “erotic energy” or “spiritual sex” transcends even that.

    An amazing, amazing life-enchancing tool.

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