Intent and Implementation: Energy Healing

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Imagine you’re developing a healing technique for someone with a complex condition. Chronic hives, for example. You research the disease, and find out it’s caused by an overactive immune system attacking the person’s own skin. You want their immune system to realize their skin isn’t a threat. That’s your intent.

It’s natural to want to send that intent out, to create some ritual or visualization or something centered around the idea of, “Tell her immune system to stop attacking her skin.” After all, that’s how most people do magick: To find a job, you focus on your intent, maybe do some ritual, and send it out. For a healing session around inflammation, you focus on your intent, visualize a healing light going from your hands to that person, and let the magick work. So, you want to send out the intent to “Tell her immune system to stop.”

Of course, we all know that cells don’t speak English, that you can’t actually tell that to her cells. But… Intent feels like so much more than words, particularly if you’ve done successful magick based on your intent before. So you send it out, and see what happens, hoping the instruction somehow makes its way to her cells, and that her cells listen.

In other words, you’re trying to send information (in the form of an instruction) to her cells.

Here’s the rub: Information isn’t a single thing. Information is a way that some physical object is organized. In your computer, information is electricity and magnetic charges. In your brain, information is neurotransmitters and nerves. Your voice is information, too, but that information exists in vibrations in the air. And in cells, information is stored in hormones and proteins and other biological molecules.

It’s extremely complex to convert information from one medium — electrons, vibrations, proteins — into another medium. To move information from a hard drive to your brain, for example, requires a computer, programmed to read the hard drive, interpret those 0s and 1s as text, and display the text on a screen. Just because you can express the intent in your brain doesn’t mean you can translate that intent into something your white blood cells can understand.

Back to the magick. For energy healing, we need to find energy that changes cellular behavior in the intended way. Which means we need to convert that intent from brain-storage into energy-storage.

Most of the time, we use ethereal software to do that conversion. We ask it to send healing energy, and it figures out what energy signatures will help. That is, the software figures out how to implement your intent. The whole reason that focusing on your intent does anything useful is because the ethereal software picks up the intent and converts it into energy in the right signature (or whatever else is required.)

Except that sometimes, the software doesn’t know how to implement that intent. It doesn’t know the right signatures to use. That’s what happened to me with the hives, and with a few problems since then. There’s a gap between what you want and what your tools know how to do.

How do you bridge that gap? By working out the implementation yourself. By figuring out which energy signatures, delivered to what spot, will cause the desired change at a cellular level. It requires both magick and medicine, a few attempts, a lot of patience, and a fair bit of luck. It’s hard, but it’s the only way I know of to create magick techniques that your ethereal software doesn’t already know — the only way to push through a problem that intent alone can’t solve.

How do you do that? I’d like to tell you it’s about building energy while focusing really hard on your intent, but that’s just not how it works. Your brain wasn’t born knowing the right energy signatures to heal hives, any more than your brain was born knowing how to read the magnetic charges on a hard drive. No, the solution is a lot of hard work, training yourself to recognize different signatures in different tissues. It’ll take me several books to get us there. But it’s worth it.

Why’s it worth it? Because building new techniques — new implementations, not just new ways to send out your intent — is how we can solve new problems, and how we can build a better, more capable, more useful magick. (Then we’ll program those techniques into ethereal software, so everyone else can use them, too.)

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