Intent and Implementation: Manifesting

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Imagine doing magick for wealth, or love, or to find a job. You focus on your intent and send it out. Maybe you imagine your intent as a ball, forming in front of your face, flying off to cause a manager to decide to hire you, or surrounding a ping pong ball with a lottery number written on it, causing it to be selected.

That’s manifesting. (One visualization for it.) And roughly everyone who talks about manifesting talks about, “sending out your intent.” The phrase is so common, so repeated, that it seems almost silly to ask, “What does it mean to send out your intent?”

But, seriously, what does it mean to “send out your intent?” I mean, your intent is nerve signals in your brain, not some external entity you can order around. And if there is some external entity, well, it seems worth exploring how that entity works, and how to use it better, doesn’t it?

And just like that, we’re back into magick’s implementation, asking what actually happens when we “send out our intent.”

If you’ve been with me for a bit, you already know my answer: The mage focuses on their intent, and some ethereal software reads their thoughts and acts on those instructions. But I don’t want to re-hash that model today. Instead, I want to disuss the three parts of manifesting that any model has to explain, in as general a way as possible.

Those three parts are: Sending out your intent, planning events, and acting on that plan.

Sending Out Your Intent

Intent is nerve signals in your brain. That’s not exactly the sort of thing you can send anywhere. Even if you had a super-MRI and could map each nerve’s signal, when we talk about “sending out your intent,” we don’t exactly mean, “Email the MRI recording of your neural activity as you thought about the job you want.”

In other words, we need a bridge between neural activity and magickal messages, which will probably be some form of energy or magickal structure.

I focused on this problem in 2012, working on communication techniques for psychic intuitions. The techniques involve grabbing the energy signatures my brain enters as I think a sentence, packaging those signatures up, and sending them to the ethereal software.

By the way, if you want to focus on one of these steps, I’d focus here. Sending out your intent is the only step the mage needs to be involved in — by default, the ethereal software handles the other two for you.

Planning Events

Say you manifest for a good job. We might metaphorically say that it’s like your intent went out, found a job, and acted like a magnet, drawing you toward it. Except that a job isn’t a physical object you can grab, and magnets don’t affect the decisions of hiring managers.

In other words, “manifesting = magnet” is a great way to explain what manifesting does in layman’s terms, but probably has nothing to do with how it does it.

Whatever drives manifesting, it has to be able to figure out which jobs are good ones for you, and what events and decisions need to happen to result in such a job. Which turns out to be incredibly complex.

One thought on this: Maybe manifesting does not, in fact, plan out a series of events. Maybe it simply influences events, one at a time, based on which seems more likely to produce a favorable outcome. Given a few weeks, it will tend to get lucky. I’m not saying this is how it works, but the idea occured to me as I was writing this post, so I’m sharing it.

Acting on that Plan

Whatever drives the manifesting needs to act on that plan, actually influencing the physical world. And, just like implementing energy healing, you can’t simply send an instruction to a cell, or a lottery ball, or the brain of a hiring manager.

(The hiring manager, of course, understands English. But we’re not sending messages in words, we’re using magick on the manager’s brain. And the nerve cells in their brain don’t understand English any more than the cells of their muscles or skin do.)

Summary & Future Work

Those three steps — sending your intent, planning events, and acting on that plan — are what I think of when I think of manifesting’s implementation. So far, I’ve only really dug into sending your intent. And that’s intentional: I already have ethereal software that handles the rest with a reasonable level of compotence. It only makes sense to implement the part I have to do, before I implement parts that are already handled.

But my experience suggests that anytime there’s a large, unexplored part of magick’s implementation, there are improvements to be made there. And so, in the future, I intend to explore what happens to a manifesting request after my intent goes out.

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