It’s Complicated…

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“It’s simple” is a tempting answer. We want to be understood, and if you remove all the complexity from an answer, and tell a story that’s oversimplified but sounds good, people will think they understand you. And as long as you don’t ask too many questions, your brain can’t tell the difference between someone who thinks they understand you and someone who actually understands you.

But really, most skills are complicated. Magick certainly is. Simple answers can get you a few techniques, but to move beyond the basics, you need to embrace the complexity. And the more you do, the fewer people will be willing / able to come with you.

And that’s OK. Good, even. Embracing the complexity becomes the velvet rope, the initiation, the thing that lets you sort people you want to work with from people who aren’t going to the same place. And the more I explain the true complexity of magick when I speak about it, the more time I spend with brilliant people asking insightful questions, and the happier I am.

So, if you’re feeling shy about your complexity: Open up, share, and let the people who also embrace complexity find you.

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