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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

This ebook is free because I want people to read it. Send it to a friend, upload it to torrent sites, post it to forums, or anything else.

I only ask three things:

•    Share this book unaltered, in its entirety. (But feel free add notes, so long as it’s clear they’re your notes, not part of the book.)
•    Attribute it to me, with a link to my blog,
•    Don’t charge for it.

If you’d prefer a physical, printed copy of this book to keep and take notes in, you can purchase that on my blog, too. [Details to be added later.]

And now, into the meat of direct magick. Thanks for reading.

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6 Responses to “Please Share This Book”

  1. Ouvek says:


    I would like to ask if I could translate your book into another language, I would try to keep the meaning as close as the English Original, but there will always something that would be lost in translation (especially I only recently started to seriously practice).


    • I would be delighted to have you translate my work! If you make a PDF, I’ll post it on the table of contents, or link to your site. What language are you planning on translating to?

      I want to mention, my current plan is to teach a 6-month class next year, and develop handouts for the class that become a book. So I don’t know when or whether I’ll finish this book-in-progress that’s currently up.

  2. Ouvek says:

    It probably will take some time, since I’ll need to think what kind of words would suit the terminology best.

    Mandarin in Traditional Chinese.

    That’s alright, I’m a complete novice so I probably will need sometime before being able to do more advanced Magick.

  3. Ouvek says:

    In Direct Magick, does the word “Direct” mean “Straightforward” or does it mean “Guiding” or both?

    • It mean “without an intermediary.” In most systems of magick, the practitioner uses a ritual or visualization to engage their (unconscious) ethereal muscles. In Direct Magick, we make our ethereal muscles conscious, and engage them without the ritual / visualization.

      Another example is that, in most systems of energy healing, the practitioner channels ethereal software (which is often called The Universe or a Matrix or some other term). In my practice, I often connect to the person’s energy field and act on it myself, using my own connections, without relying on ethereal software.

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