Debugging Psychic: Finally Getting It, Part II

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This series is about debugging my psychic intuitions, and finally getting it right. Last post, I told you about the first of three ingredients to that success. Today, I’ll tell you about the other two.

Constant Connection

Psychic intuitions come from ethereal software. The software makes a connection to your mind, leaves that connection open, and whenever it has information to send, it uses that connection to send you the information.

The problem came from my shielding. Years ago, I’d set my mental muscles to trust only a very few connections, and when I went to sleep, my mental muscles automatically closed all untrusted connections. Which is exactly what you want to happen, almost all the time. Except that I’d forgotten about trusted vs untrusted connections, and had no idea why my psychic intuitions were turning off every night.

(This is an example of mental muscles doing what you tell them, rather than what you intend.)

I figured it out while researching erotic energy. I was trying to leave a connection open with a lover overnight. It didn’t work. The connection was closed when I woke up. I realized it was because I hadn’t told my mental muscles to trust that connection, and once I realized that, it was obvious that the same thing might be happening with my connection to this ethereal software.

The solution was easy: Ask the ethereal software to set up its connection to my mind, then tell my mental muscles to trust the connection and integrate the connection with my shielding. (I’ll discuss the details in another post.) Since doing that, the connection has stayed open.

(This is one of the reasons it’s important to work with multiple fields of magick: The solutions to a problem often involve insights from unrelated techniques.)

Asking For the Right Thing

I’d tried setting up psychic intuitions many times before, but each time, I’d asked for a particular type of information. “Guide me to be successful in X,” something like that.

This last time was a different request. I don’t even know the full command I used, which is unusual. But I was visiting Lisa, talking about her psychic intuitions and my difficulties with this project. Normally, the ethereal software doesn’t monitor what I say or think (because it’s not connected to my mind), but it’s connected to Lisa, so it was aware of our conversation. It contacted me, saying:

I can set you up for everything you’re thinking about, just ask me and ask for training. Don’t ask the trainer how to do it, just ask me for what you want, and ask the trainer to help you use it properly.

A few weeks later, I called my trainer, called the ethereal software, and he watched as I asked it to “do that setup you talked about the other day, to enable psychic intuitions.” It made connections to my mind, told me to integrate my shielding with those connections, and handled everything else. I spent about 10 minutes actively paying attention, then the software ran for 1-2 days, setting everything up, while I rested.

I’m not sure why this different command worked, or if the command even mattered. I don’t recall if I tried integrating with shielding before I tried this new command, or if I changed the two variables at once. (I know, very unscientific, but I wanted it to work, dammit, so I went with my best guess, rather than a conservative approach to tease out the active ingredients.)

But it seems likely that asking the software to “set up so I can get psychic intuitions” results in something different than just asking for the intuitions themselves. So, until I hear that it’s unnecessary, this command is part of my recipe for setting up psychic intuitions.


Like setting up a computer network, the hard part is getting everything set up, and the fun part is using it. And now that my communication with the ethereal software is up and running, we get to use it.

Next post, I’ll introduce the idea of subscribing to psychic data streams, like you subscribe to newsletters and rss feeds, and how that lets you control what information you want to receive.

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