Debugging Psychic: Finally Getting It

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In October 2012, I found that my psychic intuitions weren’t working. I’d tried setting them up earlier that year, but had missed some steps. What steps? I didn’t know.

I’d already been debugging psychic intuitions, and for the next several months, I kept debugging. Repeatedly. But this last month, I’ve finally found some success. I think I have a handle on the steps it took, and it’s time to share.

But let’s start with a review.

Becoming Psychic the Hard Way

For several years, I’ve known a simple method to turn on psychic intuitions: You contact ethereal software for manifesting, ask it to set up for always-on psychic intuitions, and wait 4-6 months while it does that setup. I did this with Lisa in 2008 or so (before I started blogging), and I’m pretty confident it would work for me, too.

And yet… I felt like doing it the hard way was worth it. Partly because I want to use dozens of pieces of ethereal software, which makes a half-year preparation step cumbersome. (Also, there might be issues with having that many connections to my mind.) Also, I stubbornly want to understand how everything works, and it bothers me to have to choose the easy way. And partly because of I generally find that doing things the hard way leads to worthwhile results, even if I don’t know what that result is right now.

In this case, “the hard way” means handling the communication myself, at least partially, so the ethereal software doesn’t require that long setup process. Which, in practice, means using level 2 communication, where you take the signatures that your mind goes through as you think your message, grab them, and hold them for the software to read. To receive, you move the software’s reply into your mind yourself, rather than having the software place it there.

That’s where I was in the last post on psychic intuitions: Learning better communication, getting good results when I’d explicitly ask a question, able to have intuitions guide me through my day, but every morning, I’d wake up without any connection to the ethereal software, and without any intuitions coming in.

It turns out, there are three main elements to getting psychic intuitions working: Communication, connection, and asking for the right thing. Let’s discuss each.


I initially thought communicating psychic intuitions would be easy. Or maybe I thought it was hard, but I was somehow good at it already. Either way, I was wrong: Listening to messages while you’re distracted is hard, especially if you’re handling some of the communication yourself. It takes a lot of practice.

At first, I didn’t know about the different communication techniques, or all the steps involved in each level. But even after I learned level 2 communication, I didn’t realize how huge the gap is between doing a technique once, slowly, with all my focus, and doing it reliably while distracted. That’s a matter of months, not days.

I never sat down to become more reliable with distracted communication. I think I knew it was important, but I find it hard to repeatedly practice something that’s not immediately useful. I just don’t do the work — I intend to, but I don’t, and knowing this about myself, I find strategies that require less willpower. So, I learned level 3 communication, which uses level 2 communication as a substep, then I used L3 communication every day for manifesting, while fully focused. Six months later, I’d put in enough practice hours to communicate reliably and quickly enough, even while distracted.

(That’s my general tip, by the way: Learn to do something useful, then you’ll practice every day without realizing it.)

So, that’s ingredient #1: Communication. Not super-advanced communication, just reliable, fast level 2 communication, practiced well enough to work while you’re distracted. It takes a few months of daily manifesting to get there.

Next post, we’ll discuss connections and the problems of over-shielding.

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