My Only Post on Wealth Magick

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A reader asked me if I ever talk about using magick to acquire money and create wealth. She’d searched my blog and come up empty.

I don’t talk much about wealth magick, or magick to find jobs or love or anything else. The reason is simple: Those are all just particular cases of manifesting — magick to predict and influence events. You learn manifesting, then just ask for X, where X is wealth or jobs or love or whatever you want.

It’s kind of like how, once you learn to use Google, you can search for recipes and music and sports scores and everything else. You could conceivably need someone to show you how to use Google, but it would be ridiculous to have a book on “Googling for Recipes,” then another one on “Googling for Music,” and another on “Googling for Wealth.” You just learn the basic skill, then fill in your own X.

Same with manifesting. Once you know how to ask — which is, indeed, a good deal more complicated than using Google — you just ask for what you want.

This actually gets me thinking: There are some advanced features of Google that let you search for music or recipes or something else particularly well. Similar advanced features probably also exist in manifesting. So, maybe I’ll have some advanced posts on manifesting for particular things, once I learn those features. But back to the info for newcomers:

When I write about manifesting, I know that I’m really talking about magick for wealth and jobs and love and finding an apartment. But many newcomers don’t. So, it’s time for a post on wealth magick.

Everything You Need to Know About Wealth Magick

Wealth magick is a specific type of manifesting. To learn it, learn manifesting, then ask for wealth.

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    You just explain everything so well and clearly. Thank you so much!

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