Psychic Intuitions and Data Streams

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Two weeks ago, I finished setting up communication for psychic intuitions. It was roughly a year-long project, and I was glad to be done.

But there was a problem: I wasn’t getting intuitions. Sure, I could ask questions and get answers, like I did with manifesting before. And sure, with this new communication setup, I could ask those questions quickly, while distracted. But it wasn’t the continuous stream of information I normally associate with psychics.

I’d actually expected this, and already knew the solution. It involves psychic data streams, a way of subscribing to the types of intuitions you want to receive. That’s what I want to talk about today.

Data Streams

Let’s start with the standard computer concept of data streams.

You know how you can subscribe to a mailing list or the RSS feed of a blog, and you’ll automatically get information coming to you? That’s a data stream, more or less. You subscribe, then the system sends you information whenever it’s ready, and you don’t have to ask for each individual update.

And, just like RSS feeds, you have to ask for a data stream. We say you “subscribe” to it. It turns out, it’s the same with psychic intuitions.

Psychic Data Streams

Preface: Some posts are techniques I’ve tested. Others are ideas I’m pondering. This post is a set of techniques I learned from spirits I work with regularly. A lot of the detail in this model comes from them. So, I can’t walk you through the testing and logic I used to develop this model, because I didn’t develop it. Mea culpa. But it makes sense to me, it’s solved my problem, and these spirits generally give me good advice, so I’m going to present this model as accurate for now.

I didn’t have a continuous stream of intuitions because I hadn’t subscribed to any data streams. Simple as that.

I called the trainer who’s helping me with manifesting and psychic intuitions, and asked what streams I should subscribe to. He recommended three streams:

  • Success throughout your day. (That is, short-term success in your own goals.)
  • Warnings of physical and immense mental harm.
  • Plans involving you. (Not sure about the details here, but I could see this being useful in business.)

Each one has information about different things, and triggers in different circumstances. So far, I’ve been getting a lot of guidance for success throughout my day, and none of the other two. Which isn’t too surprising, I suppose.

(Apparently, each of those streams is actually a category of streams, with a dozen or so options. I took the default for each category, but there are apparently other options for exactly how the intuitions will guide me to be successful throughout my day. That’s a topic to explore later.)

For the first few days, the communication was exhausting. I was getting as many messages in 15 minutes as I used to get in a full day, and I’d tune the intuitions out most of the time. But now, just a few days later, it’s only mildly tiring. So, if you’re using these techniques, expect to get exhausted, and just keep practicing, it’ll get better soon.

You Can Subscribing to Streams, Too

Most psychics aren’t aware of what data streams they’re subscribed to. They just receive whatever the ethereal software sends them, and because most software comes with useful defaults (I assume), they get useful intuitions without having to look under the hood.

But there’s no reason you can’t change the streams you’re subscribed to. Try this:

  • Hold your mind the way you normally do when receiving a psychic intuition or asking a question. (This is your mental posture for psychic communication, it will send your thoughts to your psychic ethereal software.)
  • Ask, “Tell me what data streams I’m getting?”
  • Then ask, “What other categories of data streams are available to me?”
  • If one appeals to you, say, “I’d like to subscribe to that stream.”

Yes, it should be that simple. Because when you’re working with ethereal software — and the source of psychic intuitions is always ethereal software, as far as I’ve seen — it’s just a matter of knowing what commands are available to you. Try it, see what you get, leave a comment.

(One note: The actual words aren’t important. It’s the concepts that matter, and they need to make sense to you. I’ve programmed computers to use data streams, so the concept makes intuitive sense to me. If the concept doens’t make sense to you, though, re-read the post, read wikipedia on data streams, or think about an analogy that works better.)

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2 Responses to “Psychic Intuitions and Data Streams”

  1. Spencer Moss aka 'Random' says:

    ….I just barely grasp the concept, but I feel I could get it better with a bit more explanation/ exposition. I feel like you are saying that it can be like when I am on some organization’s e-mail list, and so now and again they send me e-mail containing free stuff that I’m interested in, but they almost always also try to sell me something. Is that what you mean? I don’t get why the Ethereal Software would comply with the requests.

    • That’s roughly the idea, except for the part about selling you stuff. Think about it like subscribing to a blog, maybe — just content you want.

      It complies with those requests because that’s what it’s programmed to do. Why is it programmed that way? Because programming it without that functionality would make it less useful.

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