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The state of mind I need for magick is the same state of mind I need to write well.

I realized this while jetlagged and exhausted in Singapore. Don’t get me wrong — it’s been a great trip. Saw Har Paw Villa and the Night Safari, ate awesome food, taught a good class, and I’m only halfway done. But between the time zone, the heat, and the enormous amount of walking it takes to see everything, I haven’t felt rested, sharp or focused in a few days.

When I sit down to write, that unfocused state of mind keeps me from grasping my ideas and shaping them into a good post. I can feel what’s missing from my mind at the moment, and occasionally, when first waking up in the morning (like right now) I can summon it for a time.

I can also feel what’s missing when I sit down to do magick. It’s that same focus, that ability to grasp multiple ideas at once, to direct my mind into unusual states, and to stay relaxed while I do it. That’s what I need for new magick techniques.

I often get asked what it’s like to do direct magick. I don’t normally have an answer, because it’s not particularly like anything. But now I’ll say that, for me, relaxed focus is the key to writing, and also the key to magick.

(And I’ll be back home Monday, and back to regular posts Wednesday 4/3.)

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One Response to “Relaxed Focus”

  1. John W. A. says:

    I’ve found the same to be true.

    I’ve also found that, for me to perform magick, it’s best if I’m in a “half-focused/half-distracted” state of mind, that’s entirely relaxed.

    When I’m focused on my objective, but I’m not busy self-analyzing my mind or what I’m doing (thus, I’m acting subconsciously rather than consciously), it has the effect of multiplying my effort greatly, both in mundane and magickal means. Meaning that subconscious activity can help, at least in my experience.

    I too have noticed that, when you are relaxed (rather than tense), you’re able to direct your state of mind to the appropriate one needed for any given magickal action and/or spell. The ability to quickly enter or exit those states is critical for me, as a mage. Perhaps you should write how to train how to quickly enter and exit said states of mind, and also how to properly control said state of mind (as to not enter or exit it by accident, and keep your mental state stable while in it).

    I’d also like to point out that for me, it’s important to focus on your objective (specific Intent, or “Will”) you are trying to achieve. Although for me it’s best when it’s in the back of mind, rather than the foreground, as long as it’s somewhere actively in my mind, I seem to be able to work better towards my craft in magick, and towards mundane success as well. (More like the specific Intent is focused in your subconscious mind, rather than your conscious mind.)

    Anyways, I’m not sure if I’m making any sense. Hope it is, though.

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