Testing My New Psychic Intuitions

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Early last week, I finished setting up stable communication for psychic intuitions. My first step after setting anything up is to quickly test it.

Yes,¬†quickly. Not¬†rigorously. If you test all your magick thoroughly enough to convince all doubters, you won’t have time for anything else. And yet, it’s so easy to hear someone bashing your test, saying it doesn’t count because it was imperfect in this or that way, that it becomes easier to do no testing at all. Which is a problem.

So, today, I want to talk about light testing you can do in a few hours to convince yourself that you’re on the right track, and why it’s a critical part of science.

Lightly Testing Psychic Intuitions

The best way to test psychic intuitions is to ask a question, wait for the event to happen, and see if your information was accurate. But each test takes a day or so, and you need lots of tests to statistically know you’re getting real information, so the entire testing can take weeks. That’s the slow, rigorous testing.

Why not flip a coin, and ask for information about how it’ll land? I don’t think it would work. Details next post.

For my quick test, I compared my psychic intuitions to my manifesting. See, I’ve been manifesting reliable information for several months now, often giving me results I’m sure are wrong (meaning I’d never guess them myself), but turn out to be right. So, if we assume my manifesting is accurate, and the psychic information matches the manifesting information, that means my psychic intuitions are working, too.

It took about an hour to compare 5 queries and see that psychic intuitions were working.

Methodology note: Ask for the psychic intuition first. Otherwise, you already know the “right” answer, which might color what you read from psychic.

Why aren’t we worried about the psychic information coloring what I read from manifesting? Because I often get information I’m sure is wrong from manifesting. If my own expectations don’t color the manifesting results, the psychic information shouldn’t affect them, either.

Notice the first clause: “If we assume manifesting is accurate.” This might not be true, and it’s why I call this “light testing.” But it’s enough testing for me to move forward and develop useful techniques with psychic intuitions, which will lead me to practice more, which will ultimately lead to the clear results and accurate predictions that make rigorous testing easy.

Why Science Needs Light Testing

I want to talk about the difference between science-in-practice vs science-in-textbooks.

In textbooks, you make a hypothesis, test it, and discard it if you’re wrong. Trial and error, repeat until you get it right. That’s what I learned in school.

In practice, that’s backwards. If you want to progress quickly — if you want to build useful techniques in a new style of magick, say — almost all of your time goes into isolating the hypothesis. That’s the real work of science: Exploring, seeing how the world operates already, figuring out what you’re pretty sure is true, and only then doing the rigorous testing to prove it.

Magick isn’t there yet. Personally, I’m still exploring, still figuring out how exactly all this stuff works, what conditions are required for success, what’s worth testing and what isn’t. Which is exactly what light testing is for: A quick test to keep you on the right track most of the time.

What if you get it wrong? What if some inaccurate idea passes your light testing? That’s why we test early and often. In the coming months, I’ll be using psychic intuitions more and more. With each refinement, and with each problem I solve, I’ll be doing another test. So, anything incorrect that passed today’s light testing is unlikely to pass tomorrow’s. Which is exactly what happened with psychic intuitions last year.

Why not just flip coins, ask for an intuition of heads vs tails, and test it rigorously in twenty minutes? Because psychic intuitions don’t work like that. Specifically, because I don’t have the right data stream to subscribe to. Which is a new term, and a new concept. We’ll discuss data streams next post.

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  1. Spencer Moss aka 'Random' says:

    …..Have you read the Secret Life of Plants? Among a lot of other data-sets, there is one in which he has plants connected to EKG machines and an actuator to open the front door. He would send a thought to the plant from blocks away, and the plant would cause the door to open. Your various notes on testing evoke the feeling from that in me.

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