Thoughts Need to Incubate

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This will relate to magick, but I want to start with writing. I’ve been wanting to wrap up the Intent and Implementation series, and post more on grounding, and update you about psychic intuitions (they’re working now), and a few other things. But I just can’t today.

The problem is, all of those posts need time to incubate. I need to load the Intent and Implementation series into my mind, assemble the ideas that go together, and create a simple, straight path. I need to recall the grounding technique, explain it to readers with a different background and skill set than I had when I developed that technique, and make it relevant to readers who can’t learn that technique yet. And getting psychic intuitions to work involved three techniques that somehow added up to a success, not a straight line I planned then executed.

While thinking about what to write, I realized: My mind was simply refusing to explore. I couldn’t juggle ideas around and create new connections between them. My mind was totally happy to explain connections I’d already made between ideas, as long as I’d talked about them before. But exploring a half-formed idea, or a half-realized explanation? Not gonna happen on a deadline.

Magick is the same way, I think. I can practice known techniques on a deadline. But when I need to understand a new idea, explore a new aspect of magick, figure outwhy something works, I need an empty day to simply watch all the moving parts I’m working with, load all the concepts into my mind, and let it all incubate. That’s what I need to have a new insight that I can build into a new technique.

And, having realized this, I’m going to block off more days for quiet writing and magick.

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3 Responses to “Thoughts Need to Incubate”

  1. mrblack says:

    i can relate to this.

    whenever i try to learn a new skill, i need some time off away from it to analyze and process the information.

  2. Reflecting on this more over the weekend, I’m realizing it has little to do with the actual amount of time I spend on a post or an idea. I write about new ideas in 60 minutes all the time. The deadline is about knowing that if I’m not done in 60 minutes I’m going to miss my post for the day, or that I’ll have to stop thinking and do something else whether or not I’m at a good conclusion. It keeps my mind from exploring paths that might not be done in that timeframe, for fear of running over my time and not finishing up. So, just organizing my day better, I could get more exploratory work done in the same amount of time. Which means I need to do some lifestyle design.

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