Letting Intuition Guide Manifesting

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Insightful post on Rune Soup recently. Gordon talks about using intuitions (of the psychic kind) to know what events you ought to request for successful manifesting:

When I really think about how I select targets for enchantment, there is a previously unexamined stage in between breaking the overall goal into the highest probability mini-goals and then activating them. There’s an intuitive awareness that some targets are better suited to being ‘pushed’ than others. The most suitable ones emerge from the gloomy outskirts of my consciousness. My mind then selects them like apples from a cart.


From memory it’s in Magick Without Tears that Crowley describes performing a magical act to hear from a specific friend and then receiving the letter the next day… meaning it had to have been posted before he performed his action. So can you count this as a success? Yes. In a very Black Swan way you just know your actions have in some way resonated with the desired outcome.

(Full post here.)

For me, this confirms two things I’ve long suspected but never been sure enough to say:

  • Much of successful manifesting lies in selecting events that are already likely to happen (even if you wouldn’t know they’re already likely without some psychic help).
  • When manifesting seems to cause an event in the past, that’s most likely a case of picking up on an event that was already going to happen.

I’m curious about the experiences of other mages, though. Comments are open.

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  1. Gordon says:


    Seems to be an unpopular position amongst magical folk, however. Kinda puts the cherished ‘all powerful wizard’ persona at risk, maybe?

    But, as ever, I’m more interested in results.

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