My Week: Four Successes and a Failure

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When you hear about a successful healing session, it’s natural to wonder how many unsuccessful sessions you didn’t hear about. So, I thought you’d enjoy reading about all the work I did in my first few days in India, failures and all.

Healing Technique for a Headache: Success (After Debugging)

I’m visiting India with Lynae. On our first day there, she got a migraine (or something similar), probably due to walking for several hours in the sun and heat. We eventually got some good results, though it did take several rounds of debugging.

Why all the debugging? Because I didn’t understand headaches. I don’t get migraines, and when I hear, “My head hurts,” I think of the skin, the surface of the head. My first two attempts focused on the pain signals going from her skin to her brain, which of course, didn’t do anything. It’s just a case of having a bad model of the problem, and taking the wrong approach as a result.

For attempt #3, Lynae explained the physiology of a migraine, as she / modern science understands it: The pain sensations come from within the brain, not from the body. It’s caused by sensory over-stimulation that tricks the brain into producing pain signals. So, you want to work on the brain, not the skin or other tissue.

I called a spirit who knows about healing techniques for humans. We worked together to find the overstimulated parts of her brain — there were three, but only one part dealt with vision and other senses. Since the problem was over-stimulation, we applied an energy designed to reduce the nerve activity in that region. (This is very different than the normal healing energy I’d use for knee pain, which is designed to increase cellular activity to promote cellular growth and healing.) The spirit told me this would probably make her tired, but should have no other side effects.

A normal healing technique affects the energy layer, along with two sets of structures that connect energy to cells. But that makes a fast change, and if we were wrong about this technique, it could make her worse. So we started very gently, affecting only the energy layer, not the two sets of structures. It worked well, slowly reducing her headache. We added the first set of structures, which substantially reduced her headache and made her tired. We started adding the second set of structures, and Lynae fell asleep.

In all, a nice success.

Future work: We undid the changes to the second set of structures, since I didn’t want to try anything new while Lynae was asleep — it’s important to get feedback quickly if anything goes wrong. Next time, I want to add that set of structures, then program this technique into some ethereal software and teach her to use it to heal herself.

Increased Alertness: Success x2

For years, I’ve had a technique to delay fatigue. I say “delay” because it doesn’t reduce the need for sleep, but it perks me up temporarily, like caffeine. Quite useful when you’re jetlagged. I used it on both of us when we were touristing on the 3rd day.

Quick version of the technique: Set the person’s brain to have an energy signature matching its awake state, rather than its tired state. (For anyone advanced: Do this on the nerve cell layer, not the nerve activity layer (which I used to call “thought layer.”))

I’ve done this on myself many times. It was easy, perked me up immediately. On Lynae, it took 2 tries:

First attempt: Connected to her brain, used a new technique to change the signature. (For future reference, it’s fundamental effects skills, level 2.) Her brain’s signature shifted, then rejected the new signature and returned to its previous fatigued state. Failure.

Second attempt: Set her brain to produce energy matching the alert state (using the standard technique I use for healings), then use the new technique to quickly change her brain’s signature. (I was also a bit better aligned to her body’s underlying signature this time.) The new energy she was producing helped support her brain in this alert state, and her brain accepted it. She reported feeling more alert immediately. Success!

As an aside, I particularly enjoy having an effect fail once before succeeding. Since the placebo effect should impact both attempts similarly, failing once gives me confidence that the change is actually from the energy, and not from placebo.

Healed for a Cold: 1 Success, 1 Failure

Lynae and I both had sinus infections before arriving in India. I’ve worked with colds before, so I expected this to be easy. It worked for me, but not for her.

The technique, which is a bit more developed than that old post: Tell the ethereal software I use for healing to “Find anything with a different underlying signature in her body, kill the infection, and reduce inflammation in the surrounding tissue.” (That’s the intent. Does it do exactly that? I’d need to work with medical researches to say.)

This worked well for me — my cold stopped, I feel better, and my fatigue decreased even more than when I did the alertness technique we just discussed. But this technique didn’t work for Lynae. I’m kind of bummed that I can’t get it working, but I’ve reached the end of my debugging capabilities for the moment.


There you have it: Four successes, one failure in a week. This is more magick than I typically do in a week, but it’s a pretty typical success rate.

But there’s more: I also did manifesting, plus another couple healing techniques since writing this post up.


I’ve also done several manifesting sessions each day, to see what to do and to keep us safe. It’s been accurate as far as I can tell, but to really test it, I’d have to ignore its advice and verify that I do, indeed, get mugged. Which seems like a particularly dumb way to verify my magick is working. So, I’m not really counting this as a clear success, though it’s definitely not a failure.

One nice success, though: The communication involved in manifesting is becoming faster and easier, which is also helping me with training, using other ethereal software, and other magick work. I’ve said it before: The key to getting good at magick is to do something useful with it, so you use it every day.

Two More Successful Healing Techniques

Since initially writing this, I’ve done two more successful healing sessions:

  • One for me, on a stomach bug. I felt better instantly.
  • One for Lynae, who had a week-old bruise that was itching. I adjusted the energy, she experienced a minor reduction in itch instantly, and once it set in, the bruise stopped itching. (Technique: Reduce neural activity energy signatures for the nerves sending the itch signal.)

So, the total score is 6 successes and 1 failure.

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