Energy in the Body vs Energy in the Mind

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Responding to my post about Recognizing Different Energy Signatures, Seth asks:

Also, it seems when I try meditation and different visualizations, my state of mind (relaxed, nervous) changes to sort of match the visualization. This makes it appear to me that my energy meditation is changing the state of my mind, instead of actually building energy in my chest so I can feel it. This relates back to the previous question: does building energy affect the whole body and mind, even if I imagine it just building in just a certain part?

Related, is there a difference between building energy in just the mind vs the body?

If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a few months, you’ve probably heard about the difference between what you visualize and what your mental muscles actually do. Yup, this is another case of that.

The idea is simple: Your visualization communicates your intent to your mental muscles. It’s then up to your mental muscles to implement that intent and turn it into actual change in the world. (For more on this, see intent and implementation.)

So, I have two answers for Seth:

  • Is there a difference between actually building energy in the mind vs the brain vs the body? As in, your mental muscles are producing energy in one spot but not another? Answer: Yes, this makes a great difference, and many techniques are about changing the energy signature of just one type of tissue in just one spot in the body.
  • But, is there a difference between visualizing energy in the mind vs the brain vs the body? I don’t know. That depends on how your mental muscles respond to that visualization. If you don’t notice a difference, then your mental muscles are probably doing roughly the same thing.

I wish I had a better answer for you. I wish this was all simple, that if you just imagined the right thing, you could heal people and win the lottery and everything else we all want. But magick isn’t simple. That’s why I recommend learning just a little bit of control over energy, then get into other areas: Making your mental muscles conscious, sensing different energies with special connections, and other areas that will let you see how your mental muscles are working and start debugging your magick.

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