Manifesting: Handling Impossible Goals

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A question for when you do manifesting:

If you ask for X, and X is impossible, what should the ethereal software do? Get as close to X as it can? Or do nothing?

There’s no one right answer. I change my answer depending on what X I’m asking for. But I do know, it’s better to specify how you want failure handled, rather than accepting whatever default the software thinks you might want.

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2 Responses to “Manifesting: Handling Impossible Goals”

  1. Stormmer says:

    Well, my manifesting ethereal software usually tries even though it might not work. It tries to think if it works that way, and after a delay, it tries it. At moments, if the manifestation did not work, it tries something else that might have the same effect. After some tries (system or not, I kinda compare the behaviour to human’s stubborness) then it manifests for something as close as possible to that goal.
    The thing that surprises me, is that it decides on it’s own whether to try repeatedly, or to try a new tactic, or even manifest for something else close to the goal. There were moments when it manifested things which ‘might’ surprise me, or be nice to have. Like it did it on it’s own. I suppose it read my intents without having it do the job, but it as well might be a curious coincidence.
    Asking it what it did, the answer proves me right, that it actually did manifested for some things i did not ask, but ‘thought’ to be good (most likely, just copied my thought), or for taking another turn to a certain desired effect.

    • Yes, this was my experience as well: Typically, if I ask for something and the software can’t do it (whether the software immediately knows it’s impossible, or it figures that out later), the software will try to do something similar. Which is usually good, but occasionally might not be. So, this has become something I try to always specify: What I want the software to do if it can’t do what I asked for.

      Glad to see other folks are having similar experiences.

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