Part 1: What Is Direct Magick?

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

This Part is a deeper dive into what direct magick really is, and how it’s similar to / different from other systems of magick.

Chapter 1 explores three questions that guided the creation of direct magick, outlines my answers, then poses follow-on questions I’m still working on. My goal is to get you wondering how magick works, so we can explore the answers together throughout these books.

Chapter 2 will start on those answers. We’ll cover the major moving parts of direct magick, and outline how they work together to produce change in the world.

Chapter 3 applies this model to magick you might be familiar with, explaining the mechanisms behind common magick using the terms and concepts of direct magick. It’s focused on what happens after the mage completes their ritual*, and how the underlying mechanism interacts with the mage’s actions.

*Throughout this book, I’ll use “ritual” to mean “ritual, visualization, sigil, or other symbolic action that drives magick.”

By the end of Part 1, you’ll have an idea of what direct magick is, and if it’s right for you.

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