Remembering to Heal Myself

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I often tell you about effective healing results. Today’s post is about forgetting to do them.

In India, I made myself more alert one afternoon. I did it for Lynae, too. Later in the week, I was complaining about being tired, and she suggested using that same technique. It seemed obvious, but I hadn’t even thought of it. And once I stopped whining about not wanting to do magick while I’m tired, I did the technique, and felt much better.

This happens often. A friend is itchy or in pain, and I want to help them. But I’ll stub my own toe, and it just seems easier to ignore it than to raise healing energy.

Remember the healing technique for my cold in India? I’d had the cold for a week, but only got around to doing the healing after working on Lynae’s cold. It took that to jog my memory.

I’m not sure why I don’t do healing work on myself more. I should. I’d be happier if I were sick and tired less, and these healing techniques are an easy way to practice more each day.

And yet, when I’m tired or sick or in mild pain, the simple act of focusing my mind and finding the right mental posture for magick seems to be too much. Easier to just stay where I am, rest more, feel better naturally, slowly.

I feel like there’s a solution here. Now that I’ve written it down, maybe I’ll see it when I’m more awake.

Hold on, I’m being dumb again. I realize that a few seconds after writing that last paragraph, and make myself more alert.

The solution, I think, is to keep in mind that it’s laziness about finding my mental posture that’s keeping me from doing energy healing for myself, and to make a habit of engaging my mental muscles before deciding to be lazy. Because if I’m already over that hump, maybe the rest of it won’t seem so difficult.

Thoughts? Does this happen to you, where you’re more likely to help friends than to help yourself? How do you handle it?

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