Returning to Magick

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I fly home tonight. After 2 weeks total in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, I’ll be glad to see San Francisco again. It will seem so quiet and calm.

I’ve been loving my recent travel, both Singapore and India. And the consulting hours have been good for me, too. But I’ve spent too much time focusing on things other than magick, and I’m eager to return to my true passion.

For the second half of May and all of June, I’m planning to take a break from consulting and travel. I’ll write more of my book — the next section is started, but nothing publishable yet — and focus on my own magick studies.

No deep insight here. Just know that, if your work and social life are distracting you from your magick studies, you’re not alone. And all it takes is a decision to focus on magick again, and the will to make the time to do it.

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