The Importance of Eating Well

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I’m consulting this week. In Florida, where it’s all chain restaurants with mediocre, unhealthy food. And I’m realizing, eating poorly impacts my magick practice.

It ought to be obvious: It’s hard to focus if you’re hungry or just feeling out of sorts from eating something too heavy. And eating unhealthy makes you tired, which makes me more likely to make excuses and watch TV, rather than doing work.

Today, I had a food bar when I got home. Nothing fancy, but whole grains, low sugar, reasonably healthy. And I feel much better, ready to write — that’s this post here — and maybe ready to do some magick practice too.

So, add this to my checklist when I’m practicing magick less than I’d like: Am I eating healthy?

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One Response to “The Importance of Eating Well”

  1. John W. A. says:

    I’ve noticed that too. If you eat well, you feel better, and you perform magick better. Seems odd, yet natural at the same time.

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