Ethereal Software’s Invisible Interface

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Last week, I was talking with a friend about weather magick, and how it compares to erotic energy. To my friend, they both feel the same: You build energy in your body, focus on your intent, and send the energy out. But weather magick almost certainly involves ethereal software, and erotic energy doesn’t. So why do they feel the same?

First, how do I know that erotic energy is based on the person’s own energy, while weather magick is based on ethereal software? Erotic energy is about taking the energy your body produces when you’re turned on and sending it to another person — their cells respond to your energy because human cells generally produce and respond to the same energy signatures. So you just send your energy and let their body respond.

But altering the weather is complex. There’s no reason to think your body even knows what signature of energy would affect the wind, or that your mind knows where to deliver that energy, or even to think that magickal energy is the right means to alter the weather. Weather is just so different from human cells, it’s unlikely to “simply work.” (If you did enough research, you could probably figure out the right forces to apply in the right spots to alter the weather, but I don’t know anyone who’s done that sort of research.)

Since the details of how to alter the weather — how to implement your weather-based intent — don’t come from them mage, they must come from somewhere outside the mage. That leaves spirits and ethereal software, and since my friends who do weather magick don’t think they’re asking spirits to do it, my money is on ethereal software.

And yet, when E does weather magick, she doesn’t feel like she’s using a computer. She feels like she’s connected to the storm, sending her energy out to alter the wind and rain. What’s up?

The problem is my metaphor. Saying “ethereal software” created the wrong idea in E’s mind. I focus on programming, but she expected the user experience to be like using Firefox. So let me clear it up:

When most people use ethereal software, the software connects to the person’s mind, communicating information into their thoughts and reading their intents and instructions. This doesn’t feel like using a computer, or even like using anything external. It feels like you simply know what’s going on, and that thinking in the right way can cause change.

In other words, when the software connects to your mind, it doesn’t make itself obvious. Using the software feels like using your own energy.

But once you realize you’re working with external software, you can use it in new, useful ways. For example:

  • Lisa’s psychic ethereal software was providing good information, but the spirits who owned that software began draining her energy frequently, causing headaches and fatigue. We disconnected her from that software, connected her to other software. The problems stopped, and since the new software was better, her psychic intuitions improved, too.
  • You can tie software to a rune, and post it on the internet so your readers can learn new techniques. (Reader testing in the comments.)
  • You can ask the software for its commands, instructions on using it, or for the spirits who own / made it. This is my default method for learning new software.

The point is: Don’t expect ethereal software to feel like Windows 7. It won’t. It connects to your mind, places information in your thoughts, and reads your intent. By default, its interface is invisible. But once you realize it’s there, you can use it in new ways.

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