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I made progress with erotic energy this week. And I learned more about energy around the human body.

It started when a lover, E, showed me how she does erotic energy. We’ve talked about it before, and used it before, but I hadn’t watched it closely before. I’d been… caught up in the moment previously.

The energy itself was obvious, easy to find. I connected to it, then wanted to see which types of cells were involved — my hypothesis was that the energy related to nerves, since it affects sensations, so I expected E’s erotic energy to connect to her nerves.

(This is all using sensory connections. I would be quite unable to research these techniques without them.)

But her energy didn’t connect to her cells. More importantly, it didn’t directly connect to any tissue. This was something new for me. Let me back up, so you know what was new, and why it matters.

I first encountered the body’s energy in the context of energy healing, in the mid-2000s. My goal was to send healing energy to a particular tissue: Cartilage in a knee, or tendons in a shoulder. Large shifts, precisely targeted. So, I found the energy very close to cells, corresponding to particular types of tissue in a particular location. Call this “inner energy.”

Call this new energy “outer energy.” That’s what E was using. Rather than corresponding to one type of tissue, it’s an amalgamation of all the person’s inner energies. It’s easy to get to: Just start at inner energy, and go away from cells. Except I’d never gone that way, because my whole point in energy healing was to get closer and closer to cells, to have larger, more precise effects.

But it turns out, when you go away from cells, all the different inner energies mix, and you wind up with one overall energy for the person. When another person touches you, their outer energy influences your outer energy, particularly if they’re actively building energy. And when your outer energy changes, it affects your body as a whole, rather than affecting one particular tissue in one particular location.

Outer energy isn’t great for energy healing: You don’t want to distribute your energy healing over all the person’s (healthy) tissue, and you don’t want a long path between your change and the cells, since the longer the path, the slower your magick will work. (I know this from much testing and experience with energy healing.)

But outer energy is perfect for erotic energy. It affects the person as a whole in a smooth, gentle way, which should get rid of the jaggedness and unevenness of my previous attempts. And affecting your own outer energy naturally affects the other person’s outer energy — there’s no additional steps needed. That’s simple enough that most energy workers would stumble upon it without much testing, which suggests that this is the method that most folks use for erotic energy.

Why wasn’t outer energy in my model before? I simply hadn’t looked for it. I’d always looked in toward cells, not out toward other people.

Which brings me to a question: Are there other components of standard models of magick and energy that you work with that aren’t in my model? (Chakras I know, but any others?) Thanks!

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  1. John W. A. says:

    Well… there are several things from other Models of Magick that you’re missing in your Model of Magick. But it’s easier if you made an article about your Model of Magick, so I could give you a better answer.

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