Notes on Erotic Energy (and Other Types)

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This post is about erotic energy, along with some other ways to use outer energy.

Quick review: Last week, I told you about inner and outer energy. Inner energy is closer to the cells, and corresponds to particular tissues. As you move farther from the cells, that energy mixes mixes together, and corresponds to a broad area or to the whole body. We call this mixed energy, “outer energy.”

Today, I want to share some training and exploration I’ve done with outer energy.


When I find something new, I usually start with training from spirits I know. For this one, I picked a spirit I do erotic energy with. Here are a few notes:

  • First, she confirmed my basic understanding of inner vs outer energy.
  • To control outer energy, use the ethereal muscle* that handles effects in general (including energy healing, working with nerves, and more). There’s a sub-muscle she calls the “energy controller.” This controls outer energy. It was hard to use at first, like stretching an exhausted (ordinary) muscle, but after a couple days, it’s become easy. (This is typical for using new ethereal muscles that are awake but haven’t been used much.)
  • The way she does erotic energy is complicated, and involves more than just outer energy. But she showed me a simplified version that only uses outer energy, and indeed, it produces a nice energy orgasm. Not as smooth or pleasant as what she normally does, but hardly a disappointment, either.
  • Rather than changing my outer energy’s signature in specific spots, she said that I should change it as a whole. Apparently, you’re looking to cause large shifts in the recipient’s outer energy, and you’ll get a larger shift by changing your whole energy, rather than focusing on one spot. We’ll come back to this later.
  • She showed me a single signature to try for erotic energy. In other words, the simplest possible technique. I practiced it a few times, but forgot it by the time I got a chance to use it. Maybe next time.

I practiced putting different signatures into outer energy until it became easy, which took five practice sessions over two days. I’d think about relaxing, or peace, or confidence, or sexiness, see how that influenced my mind’s signature, then put that signature into my outer energy. And I noticed, doing that put me further into that mental state.

*Reminder: “Ethereal muscle” is my new term for “mental muscle.”


That training was last week. Then last night, I saw E again. Here are some of my notes:

  • While cuddling, I focused on my affection for E, and set my outer energy to that signature. (The signature my mind goes into when I focus on affectionate feelings.) She said it felt nice and affectionate, though not exactly what she’d expect. So, it seems like putting signatures into outer energy works for a variety of feelings, but I probably need to learn an actual technique for figuring out the right signature to convey a particular emotion.
  • While massaging E, I thought about energy healing, and set my outer energy to a healing signature. (This one not based on my mental state, but based on what my ethereal muscles associate with default anti-inflammation and pain reduction. I assume this signature comes from my past experience with energy healing.) Setting my outer energy to that healing signature felt exactly like building healing energy in my body and sending it to the person — I’d forgotten I’d done that, it was so long ago, but setting that signature brought me back there, the way a perfume can remind you of a lover from years ago.
  • I’ll tentatively say that, in I previously thought about “building energy and sending it to someone via touch,” my ethereal muscles implemented that intent by putting a signature into my outer energy. And I’d guess that other people’s ethereal muscles do the same. Which isn’t that surprising, because that’s basically what energy healers say they’re doing, but (1) what people say and what they actually do are different, so it’s useful to know it’s not different here, and (2) having these terms and this model is more precise than talking about “sending energy out.” If outer energy is indeed the important part, then we can focus on the ethereal muscles that control outer energy, rather than thinking about inner energy or other regions of energy.
  • While having sex, E had me focus on the outer energy around my genitals. This produced a stronger sensation in her than when I set the signature of my outer energy as a whole. That’s the opposite of what the spirit said. What’s up?
  • I see three possibilities for the discrepancy. First, the spirit doesn’t have a body, so she isn’t used to physically contacting someone, so maybe she got it wrong. Second, maybe the spirit was talking about making out, rather than sex. (This can have some overlap with the first option, if she doesn’t quite understanding bodies.) And third, maybe when I think I’m controlling outer energy for my whole body, I’m mistakenly only controlling it for my head or chest or something else. I’ll bring this up next time I train with the spirit.


That’s my progress on erotic energy. No definitive answers yet, but I have more direction now than I did a month ago. Outer energy seems useful, not just for erotic energy, but also for conveying affection through touch, or possibly even influencing someone’s mood in a conversation. I’ll post more as I learn more.

Quick question: This post was a quick writeup of some notes, rather than a traditional paragraph-based article. How did you like it?

And if this is reminding you of something you do with energy, please share your experiences in the comments.

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