How Manifesting is Like Google

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It’s easy to imagine Google as telling you the answer to a question. That’s accurate enough for most purposes, but it isn’t accurate. Google runs an algorithm on a bunch of data, and tells you that algorithm’s output. The people who programmed Google worked hard to make the algorithm’s output look like an answer to your question, most of the time. But not always.

Same with manifesting: It’s easy to imagine that your magick tells you what will happen, or makes some event happen. But it doesn’t. It runs an algorithm on some data about the past, present, and perhaps the future. It tells you that algorithm’s output, or alters a bunch of atoms in the world according to that algorithm’s instructions.

Like Google, whoever programmed that algorithm worked hard to make sure its output looks like a reasonable answer to your request, most of the time. But, just like Google, it’s running an algorithm, which is not the same thing as telling you the correct answer to your question.

Something to think about next time you’re debugging your magick.

(What are the particular quirks of manifesting? That depends on what ethereal software you’re using. And most likely, you’re using different software than I am. Once I’m farther along in my book, I’ll write about the details of the software tied to the book’s sigil.)

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