The Major Moving Pieces of Direct Magick: Introduction

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This is part of An Initiation into Direct Magick – Book 1.

This section covers the major moving pieces of direct magick: The complex structures that make the decisions, along with the simple building blocks we use to construct techniques. Think of it as a glossary and a quick tour before diving in.

If you’ve studied magick before, you’ll probably find some of these concepts familiar. That shouldn’t surprise you: The people who made those systems of magick would have noticed the same external phenomena as I did. Kind of like how most languages have words for trees, the sky, and so on, not because it was planned, but because many people needed to describe the same things.

Why not use standard terms, like egregore? Because they carry models with them. An egregore isn’t just a force you channel, it’s a force that’s created and empowered by people believing in it. I wanted terms without pre-attached explanations, so I made my own.

After this quick tour / glossary, we’ll discuss how to use this system of magick, and apply this model to some common systems like Hermeticism and Reiki. Then we’ll start practicing direct magick in Part 2 of this book.

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