What I Mean By “Energy”

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John asks:

I’m curious about something. It’s something that really bugged me about the Energy + Spirit Model before I moved on to the Psychological + Information Model I currently use.

I want to know; what are the properties of Subtle Energy?

I always heard buzz-words like “frequency”, “vibration”, “power” and so forth. But I never really heard a consistent, reliable explanation of what those properties mean, how they affect each other, how they interact with the physical world, etc.

Good question.

When I talk about “energy,” I mean, “That thing that makes you feel tingles.” Yes, that’s not a tight definition, but hopefully it gives you a basic idea what I’m talking about.

Now, John had asked this before my previous post, when I discussed how I don’t follow any of the four standard models. I think he was probably thrown by the Energy Model of magick, which basically says, “Build energy, imbue it with your intent, and send it out to make that intent happen.” I can see where this would be confusing: Sometimes, energy is presented as a simple thing that just makes you feel tingles, and other times, energy becomes this complex, more-or-less intelligent thing that takes broad instructions like “Help me find a good job.” It’s almost like they’re looking at two separate phenomena, and calling both of them “energy.”

In fact, that’s my best guess: To me, it sounds like the Energy Model is describing some things to think about when you talk to ethereal software. You build energy (the simple thing that makes you feel tingles) to get into a magickal frame of mind, then focus on sending your intent to ethereal software (which is what handles complex instructions like “help me find a job”). But the Energy Model doesn’t have a concept for “ethereal software,” so its practitioners can’t think about sending their intent to the software. So instead, they focus on the energy, and their unconscious mind fills in the gaps.)

When I talk about “energy,” I only mean the simple thing that makes you feel tingles. As far as I know, it has two properties: Signature and pressure. (You can also talk about quantity or location of energy, but those aren’t exactly properties of the energy itself.)

The first property is signature. That’s the type of energy. If you want to reduce inflamation in tendons, you need the right signature to do that.

Signature is intricate: There are many signatures, with subtle differences between them. So, you can talk about one signature for tendon inflammation, and a different signature for muscle inflammation.

Signature is not intellectually complex. It canĀ trigger complex actions, like making nerves more or less sensitive (useful for erotic energy and energy healing), but there’s no signature for “Find me a job” or “Make my love life successful.” Complex instructions like that are concepts that human brains and ethereal software can understand. They’re not signatures of energy.

(Well, communication is implemented with energy. As your brain thinks the message, it goes through different signatures. You can capture and transmit those signatures, and if the software or mage or spirit who receives the signatures knows what to do, they can read your message. It’s similar to turning voice into electrical signals, which the right equipment can interpret — electricity carries the message, but we wouldn’t say the electricity “knows” what the person wants, and we wouldn’t say the energy “knows” what message it holds or how to act on it.)

Energy’s seciond property is pressure: How much will the energy affect structures it comes into contact with? Will it activate it a little, or a lot? How much will it shift the structure’s signature to match the energy’s signature? You can think of it like temperature: How hot is the energy, and how much will it heat the things around it?

That’s basically it. More advanced direct magick adds some details to signature: How there are multiple scales of signature, and how, no matter what scale you look at, signatures basically look the same — that is, signatures are fractal. I also make a distinction between energy and activation: Energy is like hot water, and activation is like heat: Not something you can hold in a cup, but rather, a property of energy or structure that makes it active. But, if you just want the basics, energy has a signature, which determines which structures it interacts with, and it has pressure, which determines how strongly it interacts with them.

What about “frequency” and “vibration”? They usually mean “type of energy,” so I figure those terms correspond to the same phenomenon I call “signature.”

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2 Responses to “What I Mean By “Energy””

  1. John W. A. says:

    Awesome. So, ‘Direct Magick’ is just the ‘Energy Model’ where it doesn’t deal with Ethereal Softwares. It just uses a very simplistic ‘Energy Model’; few properties, very much “barebones energy manipulation” (if the comparison is correct and/or appropriate).

    How can Subtle Energy be used to create such complex structures as Ethereal Softwares? Are Ethereal Softwares actual Subtle Energy Constructs (like “Subtle Energy Machines”)?

    • Hi John, I don’t think you’ll find an understanding of direct magick in the four standard models you’re familiar with. I didn’t draw from them as I developed direct magick — I didn’t even know them for most of that time. Now, I’m explaining the same external phenomena those models describe, so there will be some similarities — there is an actual thing that makes you feel tingles, so many people will notice it and include it in their models. But if you really want to understand direct magick, you’ll have to accept that there are new ideas here, and stop trying to reduce it to the models you already know.

      To answer your second question, energy does not make ethereal software. Ethereal software is a structure, as are ethereal muscles and connections. Structures are stable, and can carry energy, among other things. I’m not sure if there’s an analogue in the other models, but this is just one case where you’re steering yourself astray by trying to explain direct magick with the models you already know.

      (I snipped out part of John’s comment. He also asks what energy really is, rather than just how it behaves, which is answered in one of the links from today’s post: https://magickofthought.com/2013/01/energy-vs-heat/ )

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