Becoming a Mage

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Kol asks:

How many posts does a ‘non-mage’ have to read before they qualify to ‘be’ a mage

One of my friends in college ran a student-taught class on the history of magick. Everything from Pythagoras to the Rosicrucians to Crowley to Chaos Magick. We was better-read as a freshman than I am today. But only ever read. He never actually did magick.

To answer Kol: Reading doesn’t make you a mage any more than watching baseball makes you an athlete. What makes you a mage is awakening your ethereal muscles and altering the world. There is no substitute for doing the work.

The natural next question is, “How do I do that?” The answer will be coming soon, in part 2 of the initiation. But remember: Those answers are only useful if you actually do the magick. Reading is the easy part.

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2 Responses to “Becoming a Mage”

  1. Kol Drake says:

    My first response was “no duh”… seems my second and third hasn’t changed.

    The post was mostly asking in reference to the person YOU spoke of who could not sense anything from your own sigil experiment (and the other posted response asking something similar) and * i have to assume * using your posts and guidance as a technique… so they were reading AND practicing. There is a lot of circular ‘read this and go to this or that linked post’ which goes about in some spaghetti plate like routes to touch on many different concerns, definitions, and ‘things worked out’ but, never the defining ‘bit’ which makes the leap from ‘non mage’ (practitioner) to ‘mage’ practitioner with results.

    It ‘just’ seems to happen — something I’ve seen in so many personal biographies on using magic / energy sensing — most ‘just happened’ at some point or another and then they are off to the races. I am hoping this next section of ‘initiation’ looks at that critical moment of ‘ah ha’-ness so a person following your procedures can get a clue as to what is going on at ‘that moment’.

    • Indeed, blogs are circular. They link back on themselves, refer to earlier posts, are more of a wander than a clear shot through. This blog is where I share my new work and where I explore how to explain and teach magick. It’s a series of attempts and learning experiences, never a finished product.

      The book is intended to be that straight-line path. It’s coming. Not as quickly as you’d like, (or as I wish I could produce it), but we’ll get there. It sounds like you’re looking for Part 2, which I hope to start soon.

      And the epiphany is an interesting question. My answer is here:

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