Dreams and Magick

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Yvonne asks:

How do dreams relate to magic in theory and practice?

Personally, I don’t use dreams for much of anything. Don’t remember them. Explored lucid dreaming for a month in my 20s, haven’t touched it since. But Lisa received psychic information via dreams, so I can talk about that.

Lisa had been psychic as a kid, then turned it off because it wasn’t normal. Working with me, she turned it back on, then later, changed the ethereal software that provided her with information. I don’t remember if the dreams happened when she first turned it back on, or when she switched softwares, but there was a while where most of her intuitions would come while she slept. Some as dreams, some as simply knowing something when you wake up. I’ve heard of this happen with other friends-of-friends, too.

Here’s what I think was going on: The software couldn’t deliver the info to her conscious mind — either it was still making the connections to her brain, or her conscious mind wasn’t ready for those connections. (It would also happen if a particular software wasn’t programmed to communicate to the person’s conscious mind.) So, it delivered the information to her unconscious, then the information percolated up to her conscious mind as she slept.

Another possibility: Maybe the software needed her mind relaxed, and it only relaxed in the right way while she slept. So the software would monitor her, wait for her mind to be receptive, and only then send the information, which just happened to be while asleep.

One particularly interesting thing about Lisa’s experience: She’d make a request for some information, and she’d get a “yes” signal from the software. She knew her request was accepted, and that she’d have information coming in. She just couldn’t access the info until she slept.

Sometimes, the info would percolate up to her conscious mind while she was awake. I recall it taking several hours, but I can’t recall if this happened at the same time she was getting most of her information while asleep, or if this happened later, once the software was better-connected to her mind.

Eventually, she learned to receive information consciously and quickly, and the software stopped sending her info while she slept. In other words, I view receiving information via dreams to be an intermediate step, and I’d prefer to receive that same information instantly, at will.

But I happen to know that Yvonne is interested in how cultures and tribes relate to magick. I can see how some groups would come to associate dreams with psychic information and magick. Maybe no one in the tribe has worked out how to receive the information consciously. Maybe everyone in the society is a little bit psychic, so receiving dream-information is a common, shared experience. Maybe the culture already pays attention to dreams for their psychological meaning, so when psychic information sneaks in, it feels natural. But the point is: There are some situations where psychic information will come via dreams, rather than via waking intuitions, and in combination with a culture that likes dreams, I can see how some groups would come to associate dreams with magick.

Do you use dreams for magick? Please share in the comments.

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  1. WSA says:

    Tibetan Buddhism which is arguably Magickal (see http://www.inominandum.com, his early writings,) uses dreams a lot for work towards Enlightenment. It actually recognizes the dream state as one of the bardos (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bardo: Six bardos in Tibetan Buddhism)

    I have been told that one wants to learn to dream lucidly as one can then continue one’s conscious work towards Enlightenment instead of wasting that precious time being unconscious; further, the altered “laws” of the universe in the dream state are more conducive to achieving realizations necessary to progress along the Path towards Enlightenment.

    I cannot speak from personal experience as I am not there yet, but I have read and heard that teaching (paraphrased and abridged) above many times.

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