Manifesting: Where to Start

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Last week, I started training in manifesting. I’d been manifesting for years, but had simply done what made sense to me. Now, I’m learning the proper way to do it, (at least, according to the spirits I work with.) And it turns out, I was starting in entirely the wrong place.

(Manifesting = Magick to predict or influence events. Creating luck, basically.)

I’d thought the simplest manifesting would be asking,”What will happen if I do X?” or “Will I have fun at this event?” or “What should I do?” Predicting events, rather than causing them.

After all, predicting seems strictly simpler than making events happen. I mean, to cause me to find a good job, you need to know which events will lead to a good job, and then make those events happen. But to tell me what will happen, you just need to know which events lead to what. So, causing events seems like “know what will happen, plus some other stuff,” meaning it should always be more complex and difficult.

Except I forgot two parts:

Communication: If the ethereal software is causing an event, the communication is one-way. I tell the software what to do, and that’s it. But to ask what will happen, the software has to send me information. And it turns out, communication is non-trivial.

Multiple paths: This is the real key. When we ask for events, we ask for generalities. “A good job,” not, “Sales manager for California at Cisco.” The software doesn’t have to know what will happen right now, it just has to keep an eye out for opportunities and make some of them happen. It can fail 50% of the time and still make the magick work, and it can miss even better jobs that you’ll never know were an option.

That’s why the basic version of manifesting, (again, according to the spirits I work with), is, “Make X happen.” Level 2 manifesting is, “I want X to happen. Tell me about the paths you can take,” then you tell it if some of the paths are actually things you don’t want. (The old trope of manifesting money causing a relative to die, leaving you an inheritance.)

Which is harder, communication or knowing what will happen up front? I think the knowing is harder. Level 2 manifesting requires 2-way communication (to tell you the paths it could take), but the overall paths are not all the detailed. There’s still a lot of room to adjust the details and find multiple options to making a path succeed over time. So, I think communication is the easier of the two problems to solve.

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