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A chunk of work just paid off.

For the past six months or so, I’ve been learning to handle communication myself. Rather than having the spirit or ethereal software read my thoughts and drop its replies into my mind, I’ve been learning to gather up the signatures corresponding to my thoughts, package them, shift them from my signature to a neutral signature so it’s easier to read, then do the same steps in reverse to receive. It’s been a lot of training, practice, and stretching my ethereal muscles and my brain to exert themselves in new ways.

Most of the improvements in my communication technique haven’t lead to better results. See, the software / spirits are already pretty good at doing these steps for me, so I was replacing their proficient magick with my novice version of those steps. I’ve been trusting the spirits that I’m actually getting better, and taking it on faith that, eventually, better communication will lead to better manifesting results.

Today, eventually arrived. I just learned to shift the message into my signature — well, this is probably the third or fourth time I’ve “learned” the step, but I get a few more pieces right each time, and today was a tipping point: My communication is finally better than what the ethereal software can do for me.

Like most mornings, I did several manifesting sessions: What should I do today, which event this evening, critical tasks, what to practice, etc. Standard routine. I’ve always made a point of managing the communication myself for at least one query, just to practice it, but I usually do the rest quickly, letting the ethereal software handle the details. Today, I found that the communication was actually easier when I did everything myself, that I was able to shift the message into my signature better than the software can, and that the better signature made the entire message easier and less tiring to read. Now, I don’t want to let the software handle the communication anymore. I want to do it myself, all the time.

I’m excited for a few reasons. First, this is the start of the payoff I’ve trusted (but not actually known) was there, and I’ll hopefully start seeing a steady improvement in results from here on out. Second, now that I prefer handling the communication myself, I’m going to practice communication a lot more. Instead of making myself do it at least once, I’ll do it every time I want to know something, which means a lot more hours put in, which means a lot more improvement each week. Plus, more accurate manifesting results (I expect), and more details when I train with spirits.

I wish I could share the technique here, and help you get these better results, too. But it’s at the edge of what I can do, involving awakening a lot of ethereal muscles, making them conscious, creating a network of connections in your brain, and a few other items that I won’t get to until my third or fourth book. So all I can do is share my excitement. But hopefully, you enjoyed reading about it.

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