The 3 Questions that Guide My Training

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I recently started formal training in manifesting, starting with the basics and working my way up, following the path the spirits I train with have laid out. It’s been excellent, and I’ll share some notes soon. But today, I want to talk about how I train, and the questions I’ve learned to ask over the past decade of training with various spirits, and in particular, from spirits who rarely train humans.

(Note: I’ll refer to manifesting throughout this post, but you can just replace that with whatever skill you’re learning, like energy healing or awakening ethereal muscles or anything else.)

Step 1: Ask for an expert. But not just an expert at manifesting; if you do that, you’ll get someone who knows ascended-level techniques, but has long-since forgotten the details of the simpler techniques you’ll be learning. Instead, ask for an expert at teaching the skill.

Step 2: Start at the beginning. By the time I had access to this training, I already knew a lot of magick. Energy healing, communication, awakening mental muscles, and so on. It’s tempting to ask, “What’s next, what do I learn when I can already do all this?” And I did, and it lead me to focus on the wrong parts of communication for months.

Instead, ask, “What’s the simplest version of this skill?” The spirits I work with have a levels system worked out, so I ask for level 1. I verify I’m doing level 1 correctly, then proceed to level 2.

When I did this with communication, I found I wasn’t placing signatures into my brain properly (part of level 2), even though I’d already learned most of levels 3 and 4. Fixing that fixed a lot of problems I’d been having.

Step 3: Ask what other domains should be involved. For example, level 2 communication is about placing the message into your brain, so in addition to the ethereal muscles for communication, you also want to use the ethereal muscles for physical effects (specifically nerve effects). To properly learn level 2 communication, I first trained in the fundamental skills for physical effects, then in nerve effects. That got those ethereal muscles awake and engaged. Then I was able to use those muscles for communication as well.

Once again, I didn’t know that when I started learning communication, and once again, wasted weeks and months trying to learn the techniques using the wrong ethereal muscles. But this time, I know to ask, so I’ll know if there’s some other skill I should learn first.


Those are my three questions: “What does level 1 manifesting look like? What other domains should I learn first to do it properly? Who should I train with for those other domains?” By telling the spirit exactly what I need, I’m more likely to get it, particularly if the spirit doesn’t normally train novices in manifesting (or whatever skill you’re learning).

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4 Responses to “The 3 Questions that Guide My Training”

  1. John W. A. says:

    What is “manifesting” ? I know my definition, but what about yours?

    Also, what areas of manifestation do you focus on? Because, if you use my definition, than there are several areas to learn.

    I think I wrote something about this on my blog a while ago.

    “Case Study: How does one ask questions regarding magick?” –

    • Manifesting is magick to predict or influence events. Asking for luck with a job, romance, or finances are all manifesting. I’ll get into the different domains of manifesting in a future post.

      • John W. A. says:

        I’m curious; if manifesting is influencing events, than is that Subtle Magick which has a time until the end result “happens” (anywhere from hours to weeks) ? Thus, does it influence probability of certain things happening, or does it change the physical world in small ways as to influence future outcomes?

        Also, have you tried materialization yet, and if so, what were your results? (Note: I call materialization as ‘abrupt physical manifestation’ sometimes, or the process of abruptly changing the physical world in a near-instant manner to give an outcome which is not expected to be possible.)

        • I would say that manifesting changes the world in small ways, most likely, by influencing peoples’ decisions. Remember that “the probability of an event” isn’t a real external object, but rather, a way of thinking about uncertainty. The way you influence probability is by making small changes to the external world. You might find this discussion interesting:

          On creating matter out of nothing: That doesn’t line up with my experience of magick, so it’s not something I expect to focus on anytime soon.

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