In-Person Meetup in San Francisco

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I’m organizing the Science of Magick meetup in San Francisco. It’s not direct-magick-specific, but rather, it’s for anyone interested in building magick into a science. We have 8 RSVP’d already, and hopefully more as it gets closer to the time.

The first meetup is Tuesday, Sept 10, at 7:30 at some coffee shop near BART in San Francisco:

If you’re local, I hope you’ll join us. And even if you’re not local, if you’re on, it would be a big help to me if you’d join the group — bigger groups are listed higher and are more likely to attract more members. Thanks!

And to all my US readers, happy Labor Day. (Happy ordinary Monday to everyone who’s international.) Too many parties and bbq’s have left me exhausted today, but I’ll be back to posting about magick on Wednesday.

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