Manifesting for Career Decisions

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Last week, a job offer fell into my lap. I did manifesting, asking about the job vs my current path vs some other options. Then I did it again, with spirits helping me, and got the same answers each time. But I was asking the wrong questions, and the accurate (I assume) data was leading me to the wrong choice. Here’s what happened, what went wrong, and how I fixed it.

Thursday morning, I got a call from a computer consulting firm. They knew me by reputation, and wanted me full time for a year or more, flying to their client every Monday, home every Thursday. Not as brutal as some consulting schedules, but not easy. But I’m in a slow period, steady work is nice, and 3 days a week at home isn’t bad. I was interested.

I started manifesting right after that call. Questions: Tell me what will happen if I take the job. Tell me what will happen if I keep doing what I’m doing.

Answers (summarized): Your life will be about the same, but if you don’t take the job, you’ll be worried about money, about not having enough work. So take the job. Also, make sure to push for a high salary, at the top range of your standard consulting ask. (Note: I don’t actually make what I ask, no one does, it’s just how you negotiate rates.)

I said OK, and manifested for success on the recommended path. (The command: “Make me successful on that recommended path.”)

An hour later, I was talking with their HR rep, negotiating salary. Their offer was good, she was friendly, I felt awkward asking for more. But manifesting had said, so I asked for an additional $40k, because if you’re going to ask, might as well ask big, right? With very little fuss, we settled on $30k over their initial offer. Score one for manifesting.

But the question remained: Did I actually want the job? Time for more thorough manifesting. I asked about this job vs the freelance work I’d been doing. I asked about a potential job with another former colleague, and about starting a business developing healing techniques. I did some of the manifesting myself, then checked with some spirits I know, and got the same info both times: Take the job, save up, then use that money to start the healing business in 1-2 years.

My normal decision was in alignment with my manifesting: Maybe not the perfect job — I wasn’t wild about the travel — but a good rate, reasonably interesting work, and a steady paycheck. I’ve had worse years.

But I forgot to ask something. Any guesses? It took me a couple of days and a friend prompting me, so don’t feel bad if it hasn’t jumped out at you.

The missing question: What about other jobs in San Francisco? I never asked the broad question to catch all the other paths I might take. Which probably has to do with my relative inexperience with manifesting — I needed this experience (and maybe a few more like it, since I’m a slow learner sometimes) to build up the reflex of asking broad questions like that.

When I did, both manifesting and my ordinary logic agreed: A local job is the best option, if I want a job. So that’s the plan: Keep doing what I’m doing until I’m bored, then get a normal job in San Francisco. And when I do manifesting, make sure to ask broad questions, otherwise accurate data can lead to poor decisions.
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3 Responses to “Manifesting for Career Decisions”

  1. If you’re interested in the details of my manifesting results, (at least, the manifesting that spirits did for me), here’s the info I got in the last session. (I’d closed the other notes without saving them.)

    -how happy will i be during that year (that i’m traveling and consulting)?

    if you take the job, you’ll be ok. neither happy nor unhappy. won’t be miserable like you have been with some jobs, because you’re settled enough to visit people. you’ll basically never be home, you’ll just stay with friends, could even get rid of your place (if you can’t rent it out). but you’ll be actually positively happy if you stay in sf, no question about it there will be a big difference even without manifesting

    -what about other jobs (with a reasonable commute)?

    yes. this is most likely optimal. keeps the good from taking the job (the long-term goals of creating a magick research company; this actually does slightly better, because you can build up a network here during your time working), plus gets most of the happiness and magick research benefits of doing what you’re doing. i (the spirit) think this path looks really good, plus you can do it when you want, if you want to take a couple of weeks to decide.

  2. Stormmer says:

    ( a small note before the actual comment, in order to explain myself better; manifestation in my case means influencing events, and manifestation of feedback is a term I use referring to the answers/knowledge received; I know your definition combines both of the terms)

    Accuracy has always been a problem. When it comes to manifesting for certain events, things are usually easy. It’s a more direct approach of passive magick, having an ethereal software detect when an intent got a certain priority and manifest it. It spices up things and makes life a bit more interesting, but I disgress. I unfortunately cannot just do the same with the manifestation of feedback, most likely because it’d be overwhelming.

    When I try to ask questions, I firstly think about the question I want to ask. After I thought of it (maybe focused on it), I ask if that is a good question and if the answer to it would be effective compared to other questions. If I got a no, then I ask the question and have the answer. Most of the time, the answer is no, or an explanation. In this case, I go ahead and ask what would be the most effective question I should ask in order to get the answer which would help me the most.

    The amount of processing done by the software is way higher, but I usually don’t have any reason to actually hurry the answer. I hope this Alexandrian solution might help you.

    (Due to the fact that the paradigm I am using is basically direct magick , but with a small twist; in my paradigm I actually code the softwares from what I call “effect methods” made out of energy signatures. Offtopic again; Point is, thanks to this small paradigm difference , my method might not work as intended in your case.)

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