4 Questions on Demons

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Responding to Don’t Mock Demons, Ola Olu asks four questions. I’ll answer each in turn.

Protecting Siblings

Q: if i can call an angel from mars to protect a family member with ritual magick, how would you protect your siblings from demon that seek revenge on you though could not get through you?

Ah, the basic question: How do I stop malicious spirit X from doing undesirable thing Y?

Some systems of magick have many answers. For this spirit, invoke this angel. For that spirit, use this ritual. Different ways of handling each spirit.

But I like answers based on basic principles. So, let’s go basic: The malicious spirit needs ethereal muscles to do magick. If you disable his ethereal muscles, the spirit can’t do magick anymore. Then you win.

(How do you do that? Disable the connections between its ethereal muscles and the rest of its mind. For more, follow that link, which is from when I used the term mental muscles instead of my current ethereal muscles .)

So, my answer to you is: I would ignore the angel, connect to the malicious spirit, disable its mind, win, and then eat some pizza. Because pizza is awesome.

(Your magick will still work without the pizza, though.)

Banishing Ashtaroth

Q: i was once troubled by a DEMON and later i called archangel MICHAEL to banish it from my room. I want to know how to banish ASHTAROTH without the aid of holy GOD and the service of strong ANGELS.

Connect to whatever you want to get rid of. Damage the connections between its ethereal muscles and the rest of its mind. Then, pizza.

Although I should note, in my experience, these impressively-named entities are often ethereal software, used by a variety of spirits. So, if one of those spirits is bothering you, the answer is:

Trace the connections back to the ethereal software. Hack it. Remove that spirit’s privelages with the software. If the spirit continues bothering you, see above.

(That link is from even longer ago, when I used the term system for what I now call ethereal software.)

Circles of Protection

Q: Can you create a sacred circle of protection with this new system of magick and you are sure of 100% safty from the venom of BAAL, LILITH, MOLOCH just to name a few.

100% safety? Does not exist. Any shield can be bypassed. The point of shields in serious fights is to delay an attacker, not to stop them. The only way to win is through offense.

Stealing Souls

Q: Direct magick would fuel its energy from the soul, and these demons have their tricks to buying even the souls of humans. I would wait to see direct magick do better than the ritual of solomonic magick.

I think this is a terms problem:

Direct magick clearly draws its power from somewhere inside the mage. And we can call that a soul, or a source, or a giant pizza, because, well, we can point to a thing and assign it a name, that’s how names work.

And the whole definition of demon is that there’s this thing humans have called a soul, which isn’t a physical thing we can photograph or measure or anything, but that demons can steal it.

So, if you pick a spirit and choose to call it a “demon,” and you point to the source of a magick inside a mage and choose to call it a “soul,” it becomes natural to ask, “Can the demon steal your soul, and thereby steal your magick?”

But there’s no reason to think that calling a spirit a demon actually gives it the power to steal your anything, and there’s no reason to think that the thing demonologists call a soul corresponds to the thing we chose to call a soul. After all, we just kind of picked a word for that source of power. Let’s try picking a different term:

Can that malicious spirit steal a mage’s giant pizza?

Honestly, I have no idea. But I doubt it. First, spirits don’t like pizza — never had my leftovers stolen by Baal, after all. But second, a mage’s source of power is heavily integrated into their ethereal muscles, which connect to their brain. So a power source not the kind of thing you “steal.” And what would that even mean? That the power source powers your ethereal muscles? That it stops powering theirs? I can’t even see what it would mean to steal a thing without a physical location.

That’s why I think this question has more to do with terms, and with assuming that the thing I call soul is the same thing another guy calls soul, and then trying to use my meaning and his meaning interchangeably.

Probably not the answers you expected, but I hope they gave you some food for thought.

My favorite food for thought is pizza.

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3 Responses to “4 Questions on Demons”

  1. Simon says:

    I’m very glad that your ethereal software doesn’t pose any major risk of having my giant pizza stolen.

    In all seriousness i’ve wondered where this meme comes from – about spirits always wanting to ‘steal’ your ‘soul’. Of it being a constant occupational hazard of magic. It doesn’t add up to me.

    I would think that you have a far greater risk of loosing your giant pizza..i mean soul by doing all your shopping at Walmart. They’re called Asda in the UK to disguise themselves- because British people have already found out Walmart is just a sigil for a giant piece of ethereal software which steals your pizza.. i mean soul

  2. MrBlack says:

    interesting POV.
    are these theories or have they been proven in the field?

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