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I just finished a month consulting in Seattle. Good work, interesting friends, great trip on the whole. And it gave my brain some much-needed rest from magick, so it could catch up with the recent changes in my ethereal muscles.

Now, I’m ready to resume magick practice. And I want to share my thinking as I consider, “What’s next?”

Before this break, I was focused on on manifesting. The first step was to learn communication (which I did), and I was starting to learn the details of phrasing questions, what responses to look for, and generally how to use the software. So, that seems like a natural place to resume.

I had also set up psychic intuitions before the break. With the rest, my intuitions briefly improved (as my brain became more rested and communication became easier), then they dropped off. I think that was simply from not using it or focusing on it, and I expect the fix to be as simple as telling the software to resume sending me intuitions. It’s probably easy with a good payoff, so that’s first: Dig up my notes, find the exact command, restart psychic info.

Several friends have asked me to learn erotic energy, and those requests had made me consider putting this front and center. Because it seems immediately fun, plus it probably leads to useful research around nerve signaling, sensations non-mages can feel, and maybe even insights into how ethereal muscles connect to the brain.

But, those research items are a long, long path, and I can’t compare a six-month manifesting project to a six-year nerve research project. I need to just think about what I want to learn next, because I can’t really predict either path much beyond that. And manifesting is actually useful, while erotic energy is just fun. So, manifesting it is.

Except for one thing I realized just now, as I’m writing this post: Some magick work is a matter of practicing techniques you can already do, like learning which words to send to ethereal software to produce a certain result. Other magick is a matter of learning new skills, new ways to move your mind. Erotic energy falls in this category: It’s based around controlling energy in the body, which I’m actually pretty bad at — my energy healing isn’t based on building energy in my body, so I just skipped that skill.

I like to learn one of each, one easy skill I can fill hours practicing, and one new skill I can study 20 minutes every day, because no matter what else I’m doing, 20 minutes a day is about all I can put into a new skill. So, that’s the plan: Learn the skills behind erotic energy, one session per day, while devoting the other sessions to the easier training around manifesting phrases.

(Also, we’ll be back to posting 3x a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with more book chapters coming soon.)

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