Debugging My Body’s Energy

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This week, I found an error I’d been making when building energy in my body. One small error. But it was enough to make my magick fail.

The error started years ago. So, let me back up a bit.

I never really learned to use energy in my body. Sure, I learned an energy meditation early on, but I then focused on using connections for protection, on sending instructions to ethereal software, and on awakening my ethereal muscles. When I did healing work, I would connect to the injured tissue and use that person’s energy for the healing technique. I got two decades into magick without ever learning to use the energy in my body for much of anything.

Because I never focused on the skill, I was just focusing on my intent, “Build energy to arouse my partner,” and letting my ethereal muscles do whatever came naturally. (“Ethereal muscles” = The parts of my brain that move energy, connections, and other magick.)

That’s how most people do magick: Focus on your intent, let your unconscious do what it does. But sometimes, your ethereal muscles do the wrong thing. And when that happens, the only solution is to figure out what they should do, then guide them through each step of the process. Which is what I did this weekend.

What went wrong: Remember all that energy healing? It mostly focused on tendons, ligaments, and muscles. That’s just what happens to be injured in me and my friends. So, with 100+ hours doing healing techniques on those tissues, that’s what my ethereal muscles would connecting to when I’d think about working with my own body.

That’s bad, because when you want to build energy for someone else to feel, you want to build energy that interacts with their nerves. That’s what produces that tingling feeling: Subtle changes to nerves. To affect nerves, I needed to build energy in my own nerves. By building energy in my muscles, tendons, and ligaments, I was causing subtle, temporary changes to their muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which have no way of sending signals to the brain or producing any tangible sensations. It’s the wrong way to do energy in the body.

The solution was easy: After training with a spirit who explained this to me, I connected specifically to my nerves, and amplified their signature. With very little effort, I felt a tingling and power throughout my body, like after a long energy meditation. It’s not that I’m making more energy now, it’s that all the energy is targeting my nerves, which produce the tingling sensations. I’ll test this with friends soon, and post the results.

(What if I didn’t have that healing experience? Then I probably would have built energy in all my tissues, which should work too. But this is exactly why I value consciously guiding my ethereal muscles: Because you never know when your ethereal muscles will do something wacky, and the only way to spot and fix it is to watch them and figure out what they should be doing.)

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