Easy Magick to Improve Your Life

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A reader asks:

What little things can I apply basic magick to in my life?

A few ideas:

Luck: Pick something you could reasonably do, and use manifesting to make it successful. Job search, dates, intense talks with people you care about. Anything you could reasonably do, but want to make sure works out, ask, “Make X successful.”

Calming: Notice the energy signature of your head and body when you’re calm. Learn to build energy in that signature, and fill yourself with it. Then, when you want to calm down, build that calm energy. (Should work for any emotion.)

Energy Healing: Find some ethereal software for energy healing, ask it to send healing energy to the person. For working with cuts, inflammation, and similar problems, most healing software seems to do well. I think the software I’m including with my book is already set up for energy healing.

So, three broad categories: Luck, emotions, energy healing. Now it’s up to you to spot these cases in your own life.

And one more thought: This is the right approach. Not, “How can I use magick to solve X problem,” or, “How can I use magick to do amazing feats,” but, “What does this tool do well, and what of that is easy?”

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  1. Liew says:

    what is ethereal software?

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